aerial mapping and surveying

Geospatial Solutions

Pioneering Digital Imaging Excellence

As a global leader in high-quality digital imaging technology, Phase One is dedicated to ensuring exceptional imaging quality across diverse applications. Spanning from professional photography to heritage digitization, industrial inspections, aerial mapping, security, and space. We collaborate with best-in-class technology partners and distributors to ensure our highest quality standards. 

Phase One camera setup for geospatial surveying

Aircraft Systems

Utilize Phase One medium format cameras for mapping and surveying from manned aircraft. Achieve superior image quality, dynamic range, and geometric accuracy for precise geospatial applications.

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Phase One geospatial solution using drone payloads

UAV Payloads

Achieve extensive surface coverage at unparalleled resolution for accurate inspection of objects and surroundings. Benefit from millimeter-sized damage spotting detection, fast repairs, increased performance, and low environmental impact with Phase One drone aerial imaging solutions.

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Fusion Shutter for High Definition Aerial Photos


High-resolution medium format and large format aerial cameras and a wide range of lenses designed for aerial photography, mapping and surveying, inspection, industrial use, and machine vision.

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