The XC Camera

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Phase One XT and XF cameras

Phase One Bespoke Photography

Exceptional medium format cameras passionately developed to complement your shooting style.

Using digital field camera Phase One XT a photographer captures a man walking in the snow.

The XT Camera

For Moments beyond Imagination

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New 40mm XT lens

with innovative tilt design

XT Lenses

The XF Camera System

Adaptive workflow. Decisive quality. Dedicated to world-class photography.

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The perfect camera designed for image excellence

Are you in landscape photography? Or do you usually spend your day exploring cities on the go? Or are you primarily working in a studio setting? We got you covered. Transform your photography into masterpieces with our medium format cameras designed for passionate and professional photographers.  

Phase One offers professional photography cameras designed for passionate photographers. Whether you are capturing landscapes, working in a studio, or exploring on the go, our cameras deliver exceptional image quality and customization. 

Medium format cameras for passionate photographers

Phase One XT field camera for professional landscape photography

In the field

The portability and ease of use of the XT Camera delivers unobtrusive capture with exceptional results. The minimalist elegance and high quality finishes further enhance the idea of beauty in simplicity, while your personal customization experience with our experts ensures that your camera and support requirements are exceeded from day one.

XT Camera
Phase One XF medium format camera for studio photography

In the studio

The XF Camera System is a powerhouse for photographers primarily working in a studio setting. The XF offers a customizable workflow and efficiency tools built specifically for your demanding needs as a professional, paired with unsurpassed image quality. Our unrivaled uptime guarantee and expert team of local technical supporters ensures you are always ready to shoot.

XF Camera System
Bespoke photography in your hand so you can be ready with your medium format camera for any landscape or subject inspiration

In your hand

With its straight-forward and travel-friendly design, the XC Camera takes you anywhere, captures anything. The XC Camera equips you with the instrument necessary to explore and the unparalleled image quality to inspire. The breathtaking quality of the XC Camera are sure to impress and inspire others with immersive detail and incredible sharpness.

XC Camera

Phase One, as a company, is full of clever and passionate people who really understand my needs as a photographer, and getting my first walkthrough of the product it became clear that resolution was the very last thing on their priority list.

Paul Reiffer

Landscape Photographer

The detail and sharpness of a Phase One image file bring a level of sophistication that truly makes it a pleasure to edit with. I can honestly say that it’s taking my work and attention to detail to another level, and that growth is reflected to both clients and collectors.

Bella Kotak

Beauty and Portrait Photographer

There's a respect in using a larger format camera that inspires the process. Knowing I can do anything with the images in terms of print size is exciting. The physicality and depth of the medium encourages a different mind-set and commitment.

Joe Cornish

Landscape Photographer

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