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Catalyst for Creativity

"My photography looks more expensive because of the color control that Capture One offers." Clay Cook
Being able to see significant improvement in your work in a short period of time is empowering. Capture One is designed to let photographers see their best work right from the start while providing all the tools necessary to add your creative flair. "Since I first pulled up Capture One and used the color adjustments, I have never looked back. The control, speed, and efficiency of Capture One is unmatched," says editorial photographer Clay Cook.

Clay praises Capture One for being the catalyst for achieving this creative growth in his own work. As his career developed, it was essential the tools he used developed as well. Through tethering and making full use of the features in Capture One, Clay has progressed from shooting his friends at parties to working on high-profile commissioned and celebrity work.
Creativity is at the core of everything Capture One represents. Enabling creativity and allowing your individuality to stand out in every image is why Capture One is the chosen tool of professional photographers.


Capture One removes the import process by offering direct-to-computer capture. This means instant review for you, peace of mind for your clients, and the ability to get closer to the end result immediately.

Color Grading

Express the right mood, create your own signature look or define what the image means. Capture One's Color Balance tool allows you to express your creativity in a simple but powerful fashion.

Capture Pilot

Share images across your studio team using Capture Pilot for Web and iOS. With tools to color tag and rate, deciding on the hero shot becomes a combined effort. Remove the need to 'huddle' around one system.

“Tethering is impact. Tethering allows me to bring a vision to life right in front of my clients eyes. The reaction can be priceless.”


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