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Mamiya AF, AFD, AFD II, AFDIII, DF, DF+ Phase One AF, DF , DF+ and XF: Which digital backs are supported?

Last updated: 02-01-2019


Which digital back will work with which Mamiya/Phase One 645 and XF camera body?


Phase One XF camera

  • Support for all IQ backs.  Only IQ3 backs have support for Power sharing on the XF camera as well as camera and back integration and other features will only be available with XF/IQ3 backs
  • Support for Credo

Phase One 645 DF+ and Mamiya DF+

  • Support for all P, P+ and IQ1, IQ2 and IQ3 backs. IQ3 back with limited features only available with XF camera
  • Support for Credo

Minimum firmware 2.31 in camera body

Phase One 645 DF and Mamiya DF

  • Support for all P, P+ and IQ backs
  • Support for Credo

Minimum firmware 1.59 in camera body 

Phase One 645 AF and Mamiya AFD III

  • Support for all P an P+  
  • P40+, P65+ and all IQ series requires 1.5 firmware in Mamiya AFDIII/ Phase One AF
  • IQ backs are not supported after firmware 5.10
  • Credo is not supported after firmware 2.01

Officially unsupported (works with limitations)

Mamiya AFD II: P & P+ series backs. (Excluding P65+ and P40+)

Same holds true for AFD with some changes.
EV correction in 1/3 f-stop with AFD II and only 1/2 with the AFD
Timer located on shutter release button of AFD II
Mirror up button located next to exposure button selector on AFD II
Short Latency only. Long latency will cause the FP shutter to hang.

Mamiya AFD: H10 (11MP only) and P & P+ series backs. (Excluding P65+ and P40+)

The LightPhase, H5, H10 (6 MP) can be used with the Mamiya 645 AFD with the following settings

Single and timer shutter release mode is supported. Continuous shutter release mode is not supported
Continuous, Single and Manual focus are supported.

The following Exposure Modes are supported

  • P (Program AE)
  • Av (Aperture priority AE)
  • Tv (Shutter priority AE)
  • M (Manual mode)
  • X (Syncro mode)

T is not supported. Use Shutter Priority for up to 16 second exposures


The LCD display feedback is limited and only shows "No FB" when shooting
T (Time mode) can not be used
Mirror up cannot be used

  • Mamiya AF: LightPhase, H5, H10 (6 MP) only

Mamiya 645 TL: not supported because an adaptation was never made for it. The lenses can be used on the AFD II or the Phase One body.