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Ladakh, India


July 11th - July 22nd, 2017

Cost: €6,590 / $6,990USD


The Landscapes of Ladakh

Ladakh is one of Murray Fredericks favorite places in the world to visit. “I started my photographic career there with a three-month expedition in 1998”. Ladakh sits in a rain shadow on the northern side of the Himalayas, and extends out onto the Indian side of the Tibetan Plateau. Water for the inhabitants comes from glacial melt, with farming and life existing on the floors of the deep valleys.

Visually, you are surrounded by raw geology. Leh and Nubra are in the center of the Himalayan ranges with impossible mountains, filled with purple and red rocks, folded and twisted into wave-like formations. The high lakes (Tso Moriri and Tso Kar) are on the Tibetan Plateau. This is more open, high altitude country where the light is crisp and scale is beyond belief.


Beautiful Culture

Ladakh is predominantly populated by Tibetan Buddhists. The hillsides and rocky outcrops are dotted with working monasteries and Buddhist iconography. While Leh is a busy Himalayan town, the Buddhist culture makes Ladakh an incredibly peaceful place. The Ladakh’s are a very proud, gentle and welcoming people. India is full of contrasts, and being in the border region of India and China, there are also many army bases and outposts which we will pass on our travels.

The culture and Himalayan landscapes have made this a popular destination for western tourists for many decades. Ladakh became an attractive destination originally with French and German tourists in the 1970’s. Now with wide appeal to both western tourists and the growing Indian middle class, the tourist industry in Ladakh is well developed. This means that even in the remote and adventurous locations we will be visiting, it’s still possible to find relative comfort.


About the Workshop

Talented Instructors

Murray Fredericks and Tony Hewitt are no strangers to exploring the culture and landscape of remote places, bringing their years of photographic wisdom to share with us all.

Whether it's rising early for sunrise over the Tibetan Plateau, instructing on the finer points of landscape photography, or helping us capture the subtle light and grand sky over the Mountains and High Plains, Lakes at sunset; the team have never failed to inspire and delight.

About PODAS Ladakh

Like all PODAS workshops our trip to Ladakh is all-inclusive.  There’s no need to worry about opening your wallet once you arrive as the workshop fee covers meals, lodging and transportation. Each attendee will be provided their own Phase One XF Camera System to use during the workshop and together with access to our complete line of lenses, accessories and first hand technical knowledge.

This PODAS is designed to be as inspiring and educational as it is adventurous, but also relaxed and informal. Though we’ll be spending much of our time in the field and on the road to make use of the morning and evening light, there will be presentations from our instructors, educational Camera and Capture One tutorials from Phase One staff as well as a bit of downtime to allow you enjoy the tranquility that Ladakh has to offer.  We will cover many advanced techniques of the XF Camera System as they pertain to landscape photography.

This workshop emphasizes the proper use of the XF Camera System and the techniques to ensure consistent success. Our PODAS group will be limited to 12 participants to ensure our instructors and staff can provide ample attention to everyone.

As is standard in PODAS, you’ll receive a complimentary camera bag and Capture One Pro Software License when you arrive in Delhi prior to the group flying to Leh. After the workshop we’re also happy to provide you with two large format professional prints, delivered to your door.


The cost of this trip is €6,590/$6,990USD per person. PODAS will cover all accommodation expenses once you arrive at Delhi on 11th July. The only expense that is not covered by PODAS is alcohol and additional room charges during your stay.

Phase One will meet you for lunch upon your arrival on 11th July and provide all lodging, meals and transportation with the group until returning you to Delhi at the end of the workshop.

What you need

We do ask that you bring a tripod that can support a Phase One XF Camera System, a laptop that meets the system requirements for Capture One Pro and CF cards. 

As this workshop will bring us to high altitudes, warm clothing, a hat, good walking shoes and suntan lotion is a must. There will be a fair amount of driving, as the area is sparse and fantastic to shoot in. Aside from that you only need to bring your passion for photography. 

If you have any questions, please just drop us an email.


  • Where: Ladakh, India with overnight in Delhi
  • When: July 11th – July 22nd
  • Who: Murray Fredericks, Tony Hewitt, and Phase One
  • Introduction: Overnight in Delhi for introductions, equipment orientation, and dinner
  • Flight: Delhi to Leh on July 12th
  • Airport: Delhi International Airport.
  • Hotel: Ibis New Delhi Aerocity Hotel, Hotels and Tourist Camps of Leh
  • Weather: 2°C-15°C Rain/Snow is a possibility
  • Cost: €6590 / $6990USD via PayPal, Wire Transfer or Credit Card

Highlights & Important Information

More info

The workshop will begin and end in Delhi. Arrivals should be scheduled for no later than July 11th and return flights from late afternoon the July 22nd.  The flights to and from Leh are limited to only one per day and early in the morning.  We’ll be traveling in Ladakh via air conditioned Toyota vans to all locations. In Leh we rest for two days to acclimatize to the altitude, walking and working with the local guides to monasteries and local attractions. Dietary restrictions can’t always be accommodated, but we do our best. Any travel assistance you may need is just an email away. 

The workshop is extensive and the offerings are numerous, if you have any questions about this PODAS please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Leh is situated at 3.600m (11,450ft) above sea level. We will be sure to rest for a complete day on arrival and then take it easy the second day while our bodies adjust. Please note that it is normal to feel tired and you may have some other symptoms (like a mild headache) at this altitude. Our itinerary has been specifically designed with your acclimatization in mind. We start low and finish high. Please check with your doctor before booking this trip if you have any concerns.

Worry-free travel

Ladakh is situated in the border region at the North of India. Surrounded by China and Pakistan, it is an area with a lot of military bases. We fly into a military run airport that is mostly used by civilians. Ladakh is bureaucratically part of Jammu and Kashmir province. Kashmir province is geographically Kashmir and Ladakh combined. This is important to understand as Kashmir itself can be dangerous and is off limits to tourists. We are not going to Srinagar/Kashmir, and these locations are several day’s travel from us. Ladakh itself, although militarized, is peaceful and safe, hence the development of a thriving tourism industry patronized by westerners. Murray Fredericks has visited Ladakh a number of times for extended periods without concern. The sense of being in a border area is part of the interest and adventurous nature of the trip.

Travel arrangements in Ladakh are facilitated using local agents that are reputable and experienced. The agents ‘Dream Ladakh’ have worked extensively with Murray Fredericks, he has used them in 2016 for a photographic expedition and was provided them with a flawless and safe journey. Check out Dream Ladakh and read the reviews on-line should you have any concerns.

One of the best aspects of Ladakh is experiencing the center of the Himalayas by jeep. In most parts of the Himalayas, accessing the best areas requires weeks of trekking. We will be taking our group through the Himalayas by road and then out onto the high plains of the nomad inhabited Tibetan Plateau, then onward to the world’s highest lakes over the world’s highest roads.

Travel precautions

During the workshop we will drink bottled or sterilized water as most stomach issues that concern travelers to India come from the water. Please ask your doctor about carrying with you medicine for stomach upsets on top of your personal medication.

As far as vaccinations go, please let your doctor know that we are spending the whole trip in the high-altitude areas of the Himalayas in Ladakh. You do not need vaccinations for the tropical areas of India so please be clear about the location of travel with your physician. Check your vaccinations are up to date for that region. 

There are medications that may help with the altitude acclimatization process. Diamox is the most well-known. Ask your doctor about the efficiency and potential side effects of all medications. The available medications are not substitutes for proper acclimatization.

Part of the reality of a trip like this is that we may at times be some hours from a doctor or hospital. There are Indian army medical posts even in the remote areas and a well-equipped hospital and private doctors in Leh. All of these are known to our guides and will always be within reach should they be necessary.


Mobile Phone towers are being installed in the villages in Nubra, and at Tsomoriri. Most hotels have Wi-Fi, albeit reliant on power, which may be intermittent. We advise good communication in Leh and little outside of Leh.

What's Included?

What's Included

  • All meals
  • Round trip airfare from Delhi - Leh
  • All ground transport, Airport pickup and throughout workshop
  • All accommodation in Ladakh as well as the first overnight in Delhi
  • IQ3 XF Camera System + Lens use
  • Capture One Pro 10 License
  • Complimentary Camera Bag + Two 30x40 Prints

What's NOT included 

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Internet or communications costs
  • Medical costs
  • India Visa

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