Capture One Pro 8 features

New Capture One shown on a laptop, with a picture from © Alexander Flemming

Camera Settings Tool

Configuring your camera is sometimes a chore, especially if there are multiple menu systems to navigate and edit. Therefore we created the new Camera Settings Tool enabling configuration of your camera directly in Capture One.

Previously it was only possible to configure basic settings like Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and so forth. Now with the new tool, almost anything is possible, depending on your camera model. We also added a search bar, so you can enter in free text and find that elusive setting instantly.


Color Grading

The Color Balance tool in Capture One 8.2 has received an exciting injection of creativity allowing the most advanced color grading possibilities in any RAW converter.

In Capture One 8.2, individual Color Balance changes can be made to the Shadows, Midtones or Highlights. The tool gives you huge creative potential for color ‘grading’ of an image in an easy-to-use and accessible interface. No knowledge of color blending is required, simply choose the required hue and how much impact it will have on the selected tone.
New An image of the color balance tool in Capture One Pro 8
Keystone Correction

Keystone Correction

Reduce or eliminate perspective distortion with Capture One Pro 8’s unique Keystone Correction tool. Correct both vertical and horizontal keystone and perform the correction manually for complete control or let Capture One Pro 8 transform any warped captures into natural-looking images quickly and easily. The Keystone Correction tool is one of the most geometrically correct methods for correcting perspective distortion.

This tool is particularly useful for correcting the verticals of a building that has been captured at a low angle, making the parallel lines converge. The Keystone Correction tool will help you straighten those leaning buildings with no effort.


Film Grain

Capture One Pro 8 introduces a new and unique Film Grain tool that lets you add grain directly to your images to mimic film stock and create a more 'organic' look, hide noise or simply for creative effect.

The advanced Film Grain algorithms are based on a physical model of how light interacts with silver halide on film. The tool produces authentic and high-resolution grain that is fully scalable and natural to the eye.

Capture One Pro 8 imaging software
Repair Layers

Repair Layers

Capture One Pro 8 now allows you to completely control the content of your images and to remove unwanted objects or blemishes. The new clone and heal layers allow you to perform simple cloning or advanced healing, with full control over the size and shape of the affected areas.

A clone layer simply allows one part of an image to be copied to another part. A heal layer uses advanced algorithms to match certain image elements for a more pleasing result. The clone and heal layers allow you to draw the maximum power from your RAW files without the need for additional retouching applications. 


Live View

Live View can help you compose, focus and light your images optimally*. Capture One Pro 8 offers an integrated Live View workflow, where it is possible to capture images directly while in Live View mode, and to customise your Live View experience so you have the tools you need ready at hand. 

The new multi-point focus metering feature** in Live View assists you in fine-tuning optimal focus in a scene. Simply place your focus markers in the scene and adjust focus from the camera. Focus metering will give you clear visual feedback on when you have achieved optimal focus.

* Live View is supported for selected cameras from Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Canon, Nikon and Sony. 
** Focus metering is currently only available for Phase One IQ and Leaf Credo digital backs.

Capture One Pro 8 imaging software

Capture and Import


Instant Tethered Capture

Choose Capture One Pro 8 to capture your vision with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness.

Simply connect your digital back or supported Canon, Nikon or Sony DSLR and capture directly into Capture One Pro 8. View and examine your images instantly in close up detail and adjust your camera settings remotely – even in Live View. This will help you make any adjustment choices and to attain a precise composition and accurate exposure that saves valuable post-production time.

Camera Support for 300+ Cameras

Capture One Pro 8 supports raw file formats from more than 300 cameras including Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung, Fujifilm, Pentax, and Epson. Each supported model goes through a meticulous process to create a unique profile that maximizes image quality for each particular model.

Capture Pilot

With Capture Pilot you can trigger a capture remotely* and browse, rate and examine images remotely, as they are shot. Capture Pilot enables a wireless connection between a web browser or iOS device with the current Capture One Session or Catalog.

Let your clients follow the shoot and give feedback with Capture Pilot to ease up the workflow and save time selecting shots for further editing. While using Capture Pilot with the IQ250 digital back, you can leverage location data from your Apple iOS devices to embed your GPS coordinates in your images.

*For supported and connected cameras

Profoto Lighting Integration

The Profoto Light Control plug-in to Capture One Pro lets you monitor and adjust compatible Profoto Air lighting directly from within Capture One Pro 8 without the need for an additional application. The aperture setting can be linked to the flash output to maintain the same exposure level enabling rapid depth of field adjustments without the need to manually adjust multiple flash heads or packs.

Smart Previews

All Capture One catalogs are portable. Capture One Pro 8 creates a Smart Preview for each image imported into a Capture One Catalog, enabling you to perform advanced image adjustments without having direct access to your RAW files. Tasks such as keywording and metadata editing are also possible. The adjustments are stored in the Catalog, and do not alter the image file itself.

Organize and Select


Metadata Editing and Hierarchical Keywords

Capture One Pro 8 offers elaborate support for IPTC metadata that can streamline your workflow throughout post-production. The Metadata tool enables you to read, update, and modify valuable information at any point. The new hierarchical keywords support makes it even easier to find or apply collections of keywords, for an even more efficient metadata workflow.


Synchronization of Catalog Folders

A new Catalog feature in Capture One Pro 8 is that you can now synchronize folders on a disk with a Catalog. You can update the content of a Catalog in a few clicks irrespectively of whether the changes have been made in Capture One or elsewhere.


If you work on a project basis, Sessions in Capture One Pro 8 is a great tool to help you organize your work. A Session stores all RAW files, Selects, exported images and deleted images from individual shoots into one dedicated Project folder. A Session is easy to move, copy and backup as everything is located in a single folder. You can move a Session from your capture system to your processing system and even send a Session to a third party, for example a retoucher for final editing.

The Session structure can be tailored to your needs. For example, a fashion shoot with multiple looks can easily be divided into different capture folders making high pressure; high volume shoots easy to manage.



Catalogs in Capture One Pro 8 help you organize your collection of images. Use different types of image collections and organizational tools to browse and search for thousands of images at unprecedented speed.

Work with one or split your images across multiple Catalogs depending on your preferred workflow. Share Catalogs with clients or co-workers in a multi-user environment for simple collaborative engagement. Capture One Pro 8 gives you the freedom of choice and the flexibility saves time for you and your clients.

Search and Filtering

Search and Filter your images in both Catalogs and Sessions at high speeds, with a wide variety of search options at your disposal, such as rating, keywords, EXIF and IPTC data. Search filters can be combined and saved for later reuse as Smart Albums enabling you to find that all-important image as opposed to hunting around files and folders.

Export and Print

Process Recipies

Meet all of your client's image requirements fast and effortlessly. Using the Process Recipes you can process several formats at once in the background and manage exactly what goes on using the batch queue. Use recipes for automation and to produce consistent output.

Process Recipes are a simple preset that defines how an image should be exported. Options can include file format, sizing, Meta Data choices and more. Multiple recipes can be seleted before beginging a process to output multiple file types.

Soft Proofing

Output to any RGB and CMYK working space and soft proof the results on a calibrated monitor. With this you can check how your images will look in their intended color space without wasting print runs and time later on in the process.


Print images directly from Capture One Pro 8, as contact sheets or sets with customizable templates in a fully integrated and color managed workflow.


Create a slideshow and showcase your images in a single keystroke. This feature can integrate both still images and video and it incorporates a selection of slick fades and transitions.


Web Contact Sheets

Capture One Pro 8 has a web presentation function that lets you present captured images in a web browser on a computer, iOS device, Android mobile device or Windows Phone operating system. Capture One Pro 8 now comes with a wider selection of versatile and flexible templates for impressive web-based image presentations to showcase your work to clients.

Image Quality


Improved Processing Engine

Professional and enthusiast photographers alike all over the world depend on Capture One to deliver ultimate image quality and realize the potential in every shot.

With Capture One Pro 8, we have managed to raise the quality bar even further to give you better quality than ever before from your images, whether you are looking at images straight out of the box or working with features such as HDR, Moiré suppression, noise reduction, black and white conversion to mention a few.



Use Clarity to make your images stand out from the crowd. Clarity adds a pleasing mid-tone contrast change to your images and enhances detail on complex structures such as foliage and architectural details. All with just a simple slider adjustment.

Capture One Pro 8 offers four different methods of clarity control: 'Classic', ‘Neutral’ 'Punch' and the new 'Natural'. Natural Clarity gives your images that extra punch while still looking natural and pleasing.



With Capture One Pro 8, you can bring out even more detail in highlights and shadows – even in over- or underexposed images. The improved HDR tool helps you perfect high-contrast scenes by recovering blown out highlights and opening up dark shadows, all from one single capture.

Noise Reduction

The more than 300 cameras supported in Capture One Pro 8 have unique profiles with noise reduction parameters set throughout the entire ISO range to minimize the effect of noise without reducing the level of detail.

You can use the default setting for your camera or do custom adjustments to the amount and type of noise reduction manually for each capture as well – no matter at what ISO the image was shot. Shoot with confidence at higher ISO values, knowing that Capture One Pro 8 will give you an optimal blend of image details and noise reduction.


Automatic Lens Corrections

With unique profiles for a broad range of lenses across different brands, Capture One Pro 8 ensures the best performance from your lenses by fine-tuning images for sharpness, distortion correction and light falloff.

Each supported lens model goes through a rigorous measuring process ensuring the best possible corrections. You can rely on the auto adjustments for lens corrections or make manual adjustments to match your personal preferences.

Lens Cast Calibration (LCC)

LCC (Lens Cast Calibration) corrects certain lens errors seen as color cast or uneven illumination across the scene which can occur with some lenses on technical cameras. By capturing an image through a neutral semi-transparent filter, it is possible to correct for color casts, light fall off and even remove dust spots on the sensor. LCC is also a very useful tool for art reproduction to balance copy lighting for exposure and color temperature.

Enhance and Adjust


Local Adjustments

Capture One Pro 8 now comes with a full complement of local adjustments. Use the improved non-destructive local adjustments to fine-tune details such as exposure, sharpening and white balance in targeted areas of your images for unlimited creative control. Work directly on the raw file to ensure maximum quality and detail retention and save time by making all adjustments in Capture One Pro 8.


Black & White Conversion

Convert your images to black & white directly in Capture One Pro 8. An array of controls let you precisely adjust the color channels and create split toning effects when you convert to gray-scale.


Repair Layers

Capture One Pro 8 now allows you to completely control the content of your images and to remove unwanted objects or blemishes. The new clone and heal layers allows you to perform simple cloning or advanced healing on the image as a whole or partially via Local Adjustments, letting you change the affected areas as you want.

A clone layer simply allows one part of an image to be copied to another part. A heal layer uses advanced algorithms to match certain elements like texture, tone and transparency for a more pleasing result. The clone and heal layers allow you to draw the maximum power from your RAW files without the need for additional retouching applications.

Color Editor

Apply subtle color adjustments with the Color Editor. Colors can be altered in either a large area using the basic tool, or selected in a narrow color space with the Advanced Color Editor tool. The built-in Smart Saturation function ensures that your colors will never appear unnatural. The Skin Tone Editor allows you to create good looking uniform skin tones across the image, saving you time for complex or straightforward retouching.


Styles and Presets

Most features in Capture One Pro 8 have built-in presets and supports custom presets. With a preset you can use or define a favorite setting for e.g. sharpening for print or use a preset to add a given set of metadata to your images.

Styles lets you combine a wide range of settings in Capture One Pro 8 and experiment creatively with different looks for your images. Styles even enable you to imitate the effects and look of classical chemical film and processing methods. Capture One Pro 8 comes with an extended range of Styles and you can build, save and reuse to ensure a consistent look.

Performance and Productivity


Customizable User Interface

The Capture One Pro 8 interface has been improved to offer a modern user experience on current operating systems. As every photographer works in a different way and uses different tools for different jobs, the interface in Capture One Pro 8 is completely customizable so you can change the tools in your personal workspace. Switch between workspaces for specific tasks to make the job easier.



Create Catalogs and Sessions templates which stores settings such as naming conventions, output locations, favorites lists and more and base your future Catalogs or Sessions on these templates to fit your needs and save time in the process.


Application Scripting

The Capture One Pro 8 AppleScript Library (Mac Only) allows new options for automating tasks in Capture One, extending the features already there.

Repetitive tasks can be automated by power-users by using simple AppleScript commands such as automatically creating a Capture folder based on the name of a bar code scanned item, processing full resolution TIFFs as the images are being captured, or sorting images in different folders by rating, color tags or even time, just by writing a smalls script.

Auto Adjustments

Auto adjustments in Capture One Pro 8 corrects for the following aspects; exposure, saturation, contrast, white balance, High Dynamic Range, levels and rotation. Automated keystone adjustment is also available for images captured with a Phase One IQ-series digital back.

Focus Mask

Accelerate your image editing and save time by quickly determining which images are in or out of focus. The Focus Mask gives a visual representation of the areas that are in focus. During tethered capture, you can keep an eye on critical focus without having to zoom the image to 100%.

Capture One Pro supports images from more than 300 cameras
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