Capture One Pro 8 Tutorials


Go with the professional solution to take you and your photography further

For more than a decade, Capture One Pro has been the preferred choice for thousands of professional and enthusiast photographers around the world. They depend on Capture One Pro to deliver ultimate image quality and to realize the potential in every shot.

Check out our tutorials to get started working with Capture One Pro 8 and to learn more about the many features.

Getting Started

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Getting Started with Capture One Pro 8

New users can start here to get an overview of working with Capture One Pro 8. Get orientated with the interface and learn the basic workflow and how to adjust your images.
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Introducing Capture One Pro 8

In this webinar we will take a detailed look at the new features and improvements in Capture One Pro 8 and how this will benefit your workflow and images.

Purchasing and Activating Capture One Pro 8

Learn how to activate Capture One, if you have bought one or more licenses.

Guide to Tethered Capture

Shooting directly to Capture One is simple with a compatible Sony, Nikon, Canon, Phase One or Leaf camera. Learn how to manage files, remote control your camera, work with Live View and use Capture Pilot for iOS and web.

Importing a Lightroom or Aperture Catalog

It is simple to transition to Capture One and enjoy superior RAW conversion by using the Aperture Library and Lightroom Catalog import option. Save time by copying image adjustments and metadata automatically to Capture One Pro 8.

Managing a Capture One Catalog

Catalogs in Capture One Pro 8 help you organize and search for your images. Learn how to create your Catalog, populate it with images and get started with organizational tools.

Managing a Capture One Session

Sessions in Capture One Pro 8 are another way to organize your image collection, especially on a project by project basis and for shooting tethered. Learn how to create, manage and utilize a session.

Creative Tools

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Performing Essential Adjustments

Get an overview of the essential image adjustment tools in Capture One Pro 8: Exposure, High Dynamic Range, White Balance, Levels, Curves, Clarity and Vignetting.
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Using Local Adjustments

Local Adjustments allow certain tools, like Exposure, HDR, White Balance and Color Edits, to be applied on masked areas of an image.

Creating Multiple Looks From One Image

Variants create virtual copies of an image. Learn how to use these to experiment with different adjustments or store multiple looks of one image.

Saving Adjustments as Styles and Presets

Use a Capture One Style to instantly show a selection of adjustments on any image, or apply during import or tethered capture. Use Presets to quickly apply any tool's setting.

Composing Images

Learn how to compose your images with Capture One Pro 8's extensive range of cropping, rotation and perspective correction tools. Use the Overlay feature to help compose to specific layouts.

Using the Color Editor

Make critical and precise changes to the appearance of colors with the Color Editor tool. Learn how to define color selections and adjustments and refine skin tones.

Converting an Image to Black and White

Exercise creative control with the Black and White tool and add natural film grain simulation with the Film Grain tool

Color Grading With The Color Balance Tool

Since Capture One 8.2, individual Color Balance changes can be made to the Shadows, Midtones or Highlights.

Correction Tools

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Correcting Lens Errors

Correct everyday lens problems with Capture One's extensive lens library. Remove Chromatic Abberation, Distortion, Light Fall-off and more.
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Repairing and Spotting Images

Remove simple spots and blemishes with the Spot tool or use the new Repair Layers to clone or heal away unwanted elements of the image.

Correcting Lens Cast Issues with the LCC Tool

Learn how to create an LCC file to correct for cast and luminance variations caused by lenses. This is especially useful for wide-angle lenses on technical cameras.

Production Tools

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Customizing Your Workspace

The Capture One Pro 8 workspace can be configured exactly to your needs. Change elements of the workspace and save these as custom templates for recall at anytime.
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Exporting Images to Final Formats

Export your images into file formats either with the Exporter or learn how to create multiple recipes to output your images in a number of formats with one click!

Creating Catalog and Sessions Templates

Create a Catalog or a Session Template, which stores settings such as naming conventions, ouput locations, Session favorites and collections. Learn how to use these to have a consistent and faster workflow.

Editing Metadata and Keywords

Learn how to add keywords and hierarchical keywords to one or multiple images. Use these keywords to help find image assets quickly.

Naming and Renaming Files

Learn how to use token-based naming formulas to rename files on import, export or even during tethered capture.

Using Capture Pilot for iOS and Web

Learn how to connect your iOS device or any web device to remotely view the current Catalog or Session and control your camera. Let your clients tag and rate images in comfort away from the capture station and the set.
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