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IQ3 Digital Backs

“For me it’s about knowing my goal and being determined to get it. This camera is allowing me to get the job done to the level I want and what I have envisioned.” Wheaton Mahoney, Portrait Photographer


Essential tools for pro photography

An IQ3 Digital Back offers unmatched versatility in the most demanding professional applications. Geared towards the pro photographer in every aspect, when used with the XF Camera System, the IQ3 provides advanced solutions for flash handling, power management, fast proofing, and innovative shutter technology and tools to eliminate vibration. Phase One’s open platform philosophy means it can be used on a range of technical cameras including Cambo, ALPA, and Arca for exceptional image quality, flexibility and artistic freedom. With resolutions from 50-100MP across CMOS and CCD technology, IQ3 is the most encompassing series of digital backs available, with a configuration for every need.

Explore the IQ3 Range
IQ3 100MP IQ3 80MP IQ3 50MP
Sensitivity (ISO) 50 - 12800 50 - 800 100 - 6400
Dynamic Range 15 f-stops 13 f-stops 14 f-stops
Long Exposure 60 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Mount Options XF, H XF, H, V XF
XF Powershare
16 bit Opticolor+ n/a
Electronic Shutter n/a n/a
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