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Professional Grading Systems by Tangent


Professional Color Workflow

Grading decks are used by professional video editors to leverage powerful color adjustments. Now this power is demonstrated in a stills app for the first time. Gain full tactile interface into the Capture One adjustments without loosing focus on the screen and achieve a new level of control: adjust contrast and saturation at the same time using multi input support. Ramp Sharpening with Radius simultaneously. Or cool shadows and warm highlights with the unique 3D trackerball interface.

Color grading: Upgraded

Full tactile interface to color. The color balance tool was designed to utilise the pro grading panel. Now you can edit stills like Pro film graders with maximum efficiency.

Custom mapping

Full control over the Capture One tool set and fully customizable short cut map

Full product range support

By utilising the Tangent Mapper, all of Tangent’s products are supported with fully customisable layouts

Multiple adjustment input

Input multiple adjustments simultaneously using knobs or trackerballs

Faster workflow

Seamless integration and subtle control - deliver edits faster and more accurately than ever before 


Tangent Panel Resellers

Tangent devices can be purchased from Tangent resellers and some Phase One partners. See the Tangent website for a full list of vendors:

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