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Locating Capture One Logs on Mac

Last updated: 09-05-2018


How do I send Technical Support my System profile, Crash Log and Capture Core Log.


The info below describes in detail how to provide the logs and system profile to Tech support.  When attaching files, please make sure to click the “Upload” button after browsing each file and before submitting to the case.

If you have more than a couple of files, it can save you time to zip all the files into a folder and upload the zip file.

There are 2 methods:

  1. Automatically gather the files using the built-in script from Capture One
  2. Manually gather the files (scroll down to the second section)


Method 1: Using the Script: From Capture One 8 and newer.

1. Go to the Scripts menu in Capture One and choose "Get Logs". In some versions of Capture One the script name is "File Packager"

2. Choose "Create Package"

3. If you want to add files such as screen shots or raw files do so at the next prompt, otherwise click "Continue"

4. Click "Create Complete Package." (the simple package excludes the system profile, however the system profile is very helpful for tech support)

5. A zip file will be placed on your desktop. Attach this to your support case the next time you respond.



Method 2: Manually producing the files (If you cannot use the script or for Capture One 7 and older)

1.  System .SPX (hardware profile)
The System Log can be found using About this Mac in the upper left corner in the "Apple" menu.  Then Click "System Report."  In System Profiler choose: File > Save and save it to your desktop.
This System Profile is only telling us about your local Mac configuration..


2.  Application Logs (user/library/logs) for Capture One.
Application logs are stored in: User > Library > Logs. 

The following files are needed for support, (actual files might vary slightly by version of capture one):

  • com.phaseone.captureoneX.log
  • CaptureOneCC.Log (in some cases also CaptureOneCC-previous.log) 
  • CaptureOneIC.Log
  • CaptureOneICOCL.Log 
  • CaptureOneICP.Log
  • CaptureOneMC.Log 
  • com.PhaseOne.QLICProcessor.log

3.  Crash Logs (user/library/logs/DiagnosticReports)
If the software crashes - the system application Console Log will generate a crashlog file.
Crash logs can be found in:  User > Library > Logs > DiagnosticReports. 
Please include any other Capture One related crash logs located in this folder. These together will show us a complete history of crashes and thus help troubleshooting of a case.​


To locate the User Library go to the Finder and click on the Go Menu.  Then press Option (on MacOS 10.13 or 10.11 and older) or Shift (MacOS 10.12).  The Library that appears in the menu is the User Library.


Go to the Finder and click on the Go Menu, then select Go.
You can then enter the folder destination "~/Library"

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