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    Article ID 1625
    Summary Locating Capture One Logs On Windows
    Problem Guide in how to find Capture One log files on a PC - find it below.........
    Solution Step 1: Enable Hidden files and folders.
    Note that hidden files and folders have to be enabled in order to locate the log files under Application Data - please look at the Screenshots below.

    Go to Control Panel > Appearance and personalization

    Step 2: Locate the logs.
    Now just go to the Logs folder which is in: C:\Users\"your user name"\AppData\Local\Capture One\Logs

    To send these to tech support we recommend zipping or compressing the logs folder for easy upload.

    Step 3: Save a System profile
    This is imporatnt for further diagnosis of problems

  • Select the "Start" button, or Windows icon in the lower left hand corner to begin.
  • In the search box type: "msinfo32" and press Enter - this will launch the system info window.

  • In the "System Information" window, select "File / Save.."

  • A "Save As..." window will appear, allowing you to choose where the file will be saved. Make a note of the destination folder for easy retrieval. Choose " Save As Type: System Information File (*.NFO)" from the drop down menu.

    Step 4: Upload both the zip file of logs and the system info file to your support case.

  • Last updated April 17, 2015

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