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KB 2205

Could not activate because the activation profile is incorrect.

Last updated: 17-10-2018


When activating Capture One, I receive the an error stating that the activation profile is incorrect.


Most likely this is because you already have another profile that you have used to activate Capture One with in the past. Currently our activation system requires that each Capture One key is associated with one email address. 

If you cannot find your user profile.

  • If you only have the license code and not the associated user profile please Contact Support. Please provide the license code and any documentation (invoices, etc) as it will help our Support team expedite the process.

  • If you only have the email address and not the password, you can get the password by going to and clicking on "Login" at the top of the page:

Enter your Email Address and hit "Forgot Password?".

A notification appears telling you an email has been sent so you can reset your password.


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