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Interface cables from Phase One

Last updated: 06-01-2016


Pictures of Interface Cables from Phase One.


Sync Cable Short for H, P, P+, and IQ series backs with fitting for Hasselblad V (Item No. 50300148)


Multi conn. to mini jack adaptor cable for P, P+ and IQ (Item No. 50300144)


Sync Cable long for P, P+ and IQ on 4x5" (Item No. 50300143)


Sync cable long for H5/H10/H20/H25(Item No. 50300074)


Wake up cable for Phase One one-shot backs (Item No. 50300131)


Cable Mamiya Adapter Synchro (Item No. 50300077)


Power Cable for Phase One Portable Solution (Item No. 50300082)