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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2259
    Summary All about licenses: Upgrades, Updates and Activations Explained
    Problem How do I update Capture One?
    What do I have to pay for?
    How do I tell if I have any activations left?
    Activations: With Capture One's standard license terms you can activate the software on up to 2 computers simultaneously. A 5 user license can be used on 5 computers simultaneously.

    You can get information on the number of activations you have left for the relevant Product Key within Capture One with current versions By going to the License window (on Mac this is in the Capture One menu, on Windows it is in the Help menu). You can also get this information by accessing your Phase One profile on Phase One's web-site (My Pages >License Management).

    If you want to activate another computer you may need to deactivate Capture One on a computer first to free up an activation. Activations can be reset from both the Phase One website as well as within Capture One. See the links at the bottom of the page for instructions.

    Upgrades vs Updates: Upgrades should not be confused with UPDATES which are always free. An update is a minor version release, such as going from Capture One 8.1 to Captue One 8.2. Your license is valid for all releases that begin with the same number. A major number change such as going from Capture One 7.x to Capture One 8.x is an Upgrade and must be paid for.

    To update to the current version, simply download Capture One from the main download page and install as normal. There is no special update download, you will be downloading the entire program again. the main Capture One download contains all versions of Capture One: Capture One Pro, Capture One DB, Capture One Pro (for Sony), and Capture One Express (for Sony). As with your initial installation the version that loads is based on your license.

    Free Upgrades: In general a major upgrade of Capture One implies that it is a paid upgrade.

    As an example Capture One 8 is a major upgrade from version 7.x

    A free upgrade, if you have them, allows you activate the next major upgrade of Capture One at no extra cost. This usually only applies to users with Capture One 3 to go to 4 then 4 to 5. There are generally no free upgrades to go to version 6, 7, or 8 of the software. The only exception is some users who purchased Capture One 7 immediately before the release of Capture One 8. Please note that Free upgrades allow you to use the next version only. For instance a Capture One 6 license with 1 free upgrade would allow you to activate Capture One 7 with the same key. It would not allow you to skip Capture One 7 and activate a Capture One 8.

    These are outlined in the specifications of your License code which can be found by clicking on My Pages and the License Management on

    Backwards compatibility: Capture One licenses can be used for all previous versions as well. For instance a Capture One 8 license can also be used to activate Capture One 7. The exception to this rule is Subscription keys which are only valid for Capture One 8.0 and newer. They cannot work in Capture One 7 becuase 7 does not understand subscription management.

    Last updated April 22, 2015

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