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How to contact Phase One, Leaf and Mamiya Support Team - Filling in support case information and reviewing

Last updated: 12-10-2018


How to contact Phase One and Mamiya Leaf Support - Filling in support case information and reviewing.

Go to and click on support or by direct link

Choose the most fitting subject to your query in "Select assistance type"

Note that any questions about something that does not work or question how something work with Phase One hardware or software should go to Phase One Technical Support.


You will be requested to login with your profile or create a new profile.

Once you are able to log in: Navigate through the fields and answer the queries on the drop down menus : You have several fields to answer regarding the computer/platform/OS/cameras/digital backs/serial number/softwares, along with several choices of related issues or problems to choose from.

Only the Software or the Digital back fields are mandatory In the dialog box for information and questions, please be as specific and detail-oriented as possible. Clear information helps us to help you as quickly and smoothly as we can.  Troubleshooting can either be simple or complex depending on your case. Patience and cooperation through this process is vital.  Files and  images can be attached along with the case.

After you have completed the various steps and answered the required questions, a case number will be assigned to you and you will be sent an email when Phase One Support has an answer for you. Congratulations!!  You have created your first support case!!  

Phase One Support will usually answer your questions within a few hours and at least 2 working days. We will notify you with an e-mail when we have an answer to your question. You cannot send e-mails to us, but you can log in any time to the support site and monitor your case. Log in to review your cases under Your Name>My Acocunt>Tech Support Cases If you do not receive any answer within this timeframe, it might be caused by connection problems on the Internet for the e-mail notification or your or your ISP's spam filter. In that case please check your case on this Support Website. If there isn't an answer yet, please update your case and we will come back to your shortly.  We have had great success with this system and our support team here at Phase One are dedicated to help you troubleshoot and resolve your problems or issues in a timely and professional manner.