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Introducing Capture One Sony 11

Capture One Express Sony is an award winning imaging editor for supported Sony cameras that comes with your Sony camera. Upgrade to Capture One Pro Sony 11 and get access to all the amazing features of Capture One Pro 11 for your Sony camera. Capture One Pro Sony 11 renders precise colors and incredible detail and contains flexible digital asset management. In short, it has all the essential adjustment tools in one customizable and integrated solution.

Color Balance tool

Make intuitive color grading simple with the Color Balance Tool in Capture One Pro Sony. Choose Hue and Luminosity for Shadows, Mid Tones and highlights in turn. 

Simulated Film Grain

Simulate the analogue feel by adding Film Grain to your images, choosing between six types of grain. Change the Impact and Granularity for maximum control of the final look.


For precise local adjustment, most tools in Capture One Pro Sony can be applied on layers, improving the control of every image. Apply up to 16 layers and use different brush options for precise masking.
Capture One Pro Sony includes optimized controls for Wacom Tablets.

Healing and Cloning

Need to remove unwanted elements from your images? Heal or Clone an area in your image by adding a new layer using Local Adjustments. While a Heal Layer blends with the surroundings of the target area, a Clone Layer will specifically clone the source area to the target area.

Instant Tethered Capture  

Capture your vision with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness. Instantly import and view images as you shoot, with Capture One Pro Sony, by connecting your camera. 
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Accelerate your creative process with Capture One Styles

The improved Styles workflow that debuted in Capture One Pro 10.1 is further enhanced with the addition of Styles Packs. Each pack comes with up to 18 different Styles designed to enhanced curves, saturation, and tonal adjustments - without affecting key capture parameters such as exposure, white balance, or levels.



Film Styles

The Film Styles Pack focuses on the color, contrast, and texture known from popular analog photography film types, helping photographers with a solid foundation in their editing workflow. The pack includes 15 different looks, each split into three strengths. With 45 Styles in total, the Film Styles Pack offers a wide variety of options, making it the most versatile pack so far.
Download Sample Pack


The Spectrum Styles Pack includes 15 different color grading Styles, each in two strengths, effectively giving you 30 Styles in total. These subtle adjustments add a distinct tone to your images without affecting the exposure or contrast. This Styles Pack is a superb step in a round-trip workflow as they can be easily implemented to add a final touch to a retouched PSD or TIFF file.
Download Sample Pack

Cinematic Styles

The Cinematic Style Pack offers color grading and adjustments inspired by the magic of cinema. In order to simulate different film styles, contrast curves and film grain have been built in, however each Style can be further adjusted to create your own masterpiece.

Black & White Styles

The timelessness of black and white has made it a favorite, no matter the film format. This suite offers a unique mix of channel luminosity and varying contrasts to provide the perfect foundation for creating exquisite monochromatic images.

Matte Styles

The contemporary look of matte contrast and muted color grading is an ideal option for wedding, documentary, and travel photographers. Use the Matte Style Pack to accelerate your workflow, while still being able to add your own personal touch with additional adjustments.

Seasonal Styles

The unique color palette and lighting provided by the start of each season is replicated in this pack. Ranging from the crisp toned-down hues of winter to the vivid and saturated colors of summer, you can find the perfect mood for your images.


Can’t make up your mind? The Essentials Style Pack includes a variety of carefully selected options, representing each of the Styles Packs. With 16 Styles in total there are plenty of chances to accelerate your creativity. 


Capture One Pro 11

Capture One Pro Sony supports all Sony cameras. Get more flexibility with Capture One Pro 11, which supports more than 500 cameras and thousands of lenses.


Get started with Capture One and take a look at our educational tutorials on key concepts, features, workflows and much more. 

Capture One Online Help

Get all of your questions answered with our Online Help site that gives you instant access to the heart of Capture One.