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Capture One and Hardware Webinars

Hosted by our imaging experts and occasional guests, our free and interactive webinars give you an opportunity to learn or improve your skills with Phase One products.  Browse the calendar below and don’t forget to register, as seats are limited.

Starting with Capture One Pro (for Sony)

Capture One offers industry leading RAW conversion, direct to computer capture and workflow features to speed through your work load.
Capture One Pro (for Sony) is a special version of Capture One but specifically for Sony cameras.  
It means you can enjoy all the features of Capture One Pro but at a greatly reduced cost of only 50EUR/USD.
In this webinar learn how to get started in Capture One, especially if you have tried Capture One Express already or simply want to get the best out of your Sony camera.
We will look at getting images into Capture One plus a basic workflow of editing and exporting.

Marco Prosch: Phase One XF IQ100 - was kommt nach DSLR? Das Mittelformat verlässt das Studio (DE)

In diesem Webinar spricht Freelance und Porsche Fotograf Marco Prosch über den Wechsel von Spiegelreflex zu Phase One, Bildqualität, Handling, Bearbeitung in Capture One, Postprocessing, Wow-Effekte und die Akquise neuer Aufträge durch kompromisslose Technik. 

Nehmen Sie an unserem Webinar teil. Es findet am 30.06.2017 um 12:00 statt.
Melden Sie sich jetzt an!

Capture One and Fuji with Eivind Røhne

Eivind Røhne is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Oslo, Norway. He photographs people, fashion, architecture and industrial subjects for national and international clients.

Eivind is also a Fuji X photographer, a brand ambassador for Fuji cameras.

Therefore, in this webinar Eivind will show us his processing techniques in Capture One, specifically to optimise images from X-Trans cameras.


Monthly RAW Workflow - Portrait

Due to the success of recent RAW processing Webinars, we are starting a regular monthly session purely about RAW processing workflows.
This month, we kick off with RAW processing techniques for Portraits.You can expect to learn the following:
- Some simple culling techniques for a collection of Portrait / Headshot images
- Using the Color Editor for optimising skin tones
- Removing blemishes with the Spot Removal Tool
- Cloning and Healing more extensive issues
- Optimising sharpening and other adjustments

Capture One with Steve Gosling

Steve Gosling is a professional photographer who specialises in producing creative & contemporary landscape images. His 'signature' style is moody, atmospheric and minimalist black & white photographs. Steve’s images have been published internationally as posters & greetings cards and have appeared in advertisements, books, magazines, newspapers & calendars across the world, as well as winning awards in both national and international competitions.
In this webinar Steve will show us how he creates his signature look, using the available tools in Capture One to convert to Black and White and make further creative enhancements.

Working with Keywords and Metadata

Metadata can be a crucial part of your workflow, to help give meaning to images, and to aid in search capabilities for the future.

In this webinar we will look at how to add and work with Keywords and other forms of Metadata.

We will also look at best practices for constructing Keyword Libraries for consistency and ease of use.