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Capture One and Hardware Webinars

Hosted by our imaging experts and occasional guests, our free and interactive webinars give you an opportunity to learn or improve your skills with Phase One products.  Browse the calendar below and don’t forget to register, as seats are limited.

Monthly RAW Workflow - Travel, City & Landscape

In this Month's RAW Workflow series, we will turn to the subject of Travel, City and Landscape images.  
There are many challenges faced by the travel photographer, for example, changing or suboptimal lighting conditions.  What techniques are there in Capture One to optimise any image, and rescue those which you thought were beyond help?
The Monthly RAW workflow series shows a variety of processing techniques in Capture One with several real world images.

Mario Dirks: Reisefotografie - mein Workflow mit Capture One (DE)

In diesem Webinar zeigt er Ihnen seinen besonderen Workflow mit Capture One.
Mario Dirks führt sie anhand verschiedener Reisemotive durch seine RAW Entwicklung und zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie mit Capture One, auch Ihre Bilder effektiv optimieren, um zu einem perfekten Ergebnis zu gelangen.Die schnelle Auswahl, Weißabgleich & Farbanpassung, arbeiten mit Pinseln, Layern und Verläufen u.v.m. sind nur einige der spannenden Themen in diesem Webinar.

Capture One & Architecture Photography with Paul Reiffer

Paul Reiffer is a multi award winning British photographer working as a cityscape and landscape artist.
In this webinar we will focus on the challenges faced by an architectural photographer and how to overcome them in Capture One Pro.
Paul will take us through a RAW processing workflow with a selection of his images, dealing with mixed lighting, perspective issues and any other aspect that can be optimised in Capture One.
Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn from one of the best.