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Settings for Software Updates

Last updated: 06-01-2016


How can I set Capture One to notify me of any software updates?


Software Update

The update preferences can be accessed by opening the preferences box from the Capture One menu on Mac or by going to Edit>Preferences on Windows. The preferences pane then shows a range of icons that can access and modify features related to the software. One of these is Update. 

The Capture One application is set up to automatically check for software updates on the Internet when you are connected. By default you will see automatically check for updates - Weekly and Automatically register products - Ask. You will be notified if a newer version becomes available for download. Use the selection box to choose how often you want the application to check for the availability of updates. You can also check manually at any time by clicking the Check For Updates button. You will directed to our website where you will redownload the latest update. We have no special update downloads. You download the program in full again. 

We would recommend that the automatic check is set for at at least once a month as new Capture One features regularly become available for free download from our website.

When you download from the Phase One website, you can simply tick the box and be sent our regular newsletter. These are available fortnightly and always include useful and sometimes unusual tips on how to get the best out of Capture One. Working photographers will often give examples from their own experience in exclusive interviews.

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