A mesmerizing image from Lux Noctis!


Escape Velocity is one of the strongest images from Lux Noctis – my most recognisable body of work that has been published far and wide, and held in printed form by institutions such as The Guggenheim, MoMA and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The image was captured in northern New Mexico with a Phase One XF with 35mm lens, and lit using LED lights.

“I used a Phase One XF with a 35mm lens because I was backed up against a canyon wall and could not move back any further.

 The wide angle of this lens allowed me to compose the images I wanted in a very cramped and enclosed environment.

 I choose the waist-level finder on the XF to eliminate the weight of the prism viewfinder in my backpack and I’m also very used to the inverted UI from shooting on older cameras.” – Reuben Wu 

The image was published in the Instagram section of National Geographic Magazine in Dec 2023.

Here is an animated version of the piece which was captured in northern New Mexico created from the multiple exposures captured from the shoot.

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