David LaChapelle's photography like you have never seen before

At Home in Paradise

David LaChapelle travels the world creating his unique images for high-profile commercial clients and fine-art personal shoots. But when he’s not shooting for the world’s biggest brands or people, he takes time out to recharge at his home in Hawaii. Phase One was fortunate enough to visit LaChapelle in a place he calls paradise. This truly isolated and beautiful location in the archipelago also serves to reconnect this artist with his passion for photography.

During our filming, we witness LaChapelle embark on a personal project inspired by Hawaiian nature and the work of American modernist artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Watch as he takes us on a journey through lush tropical landscape to capture breath-taking photographs of sculpture-like flowers, plants as well as the human form. This extraordinary photoshoot is the antidote to LaChapelle’s normal working life; there are no make-up artists, no stylists, no set builders and no flash… simply LaChapelle and his camera at home in paradise.

I wouldn't do a photo shoot like this without the Phase One system. These flowers are like contemporary art sculptures, I think they need to be displayed in a gigantic format. The Phase One is extraordinary for these large-scale prints.

David LaChapelle

David LaChapelle insists on using Phase One medium format to create his remarkable imagery. Whether it’s a high-profile billboard campaign or fine art prints for an exhibition, his demands for the highest image quality means the XF Camera System is his tool of choice. The latest Phase One IQ4 XF 150MP camera system delivers unrivalled image-resolution thanks to Schneider Kreuznach optics and full frame medium format sensors for more data, more detail and impressive results straight out of the camera.

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