BCT Blur Control Technology

BCT Blur Control Technology

With modern highly sensitive cmos sensors it’s possible to capture very high-quality images with very fast shutter speeds. At Phase One we call this combination of ultra-high speed shutters and high sensitivity CMOS sensors, Blur Control Technology or BCT.

We don’t need to compensate for forward motion. We control it directly by using very fast shutter speeds that enable the capture of high GSD data from fast moving aircrafts without the need of complex mechanical or software-based FMC systems. Phase One imaging components and solutions are designed to deliver the highest quality data with the highest productivity with the least complexity.

In this tech talk you will learn about:

  • How does Blur Control Technology (BCT) leverage modern CMOS sensors to capture high-quality images with fast shutter speeds?
  • What is the significance of ultra-high speed shutters in the implementation of BCT?
  • How does BCT eliminate the need for compensating forward motion in aerial imaging?

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