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Film Digitization

Watch our webinar about film digitization, where Yair Shahar will present best practices on how to optimize your digitization process of transparent film and glass plate negatives.

The digitization process of film can be challenging due to the varying sizes and certain properties of the objects. Therefore, having a fast and reliable workflow is crucial for achieving high quality, consistent output.

The webinar will walk you through the hardware components, presenting the iXH camera system, our newest and most powerful addition to the CH camera offering. You will also be introduced on how to handle the autocolumn copy stand and film capture stage/holders. The second part of the webinar consists of the automated Capture One CH workflow. This will give you an easy guide on how to set up basic parameters and settings, negative to positive inversion, color optimization and cropping options.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see the efficient workflow and fast capture time of a fraction of a second per image, allowing a 400x faster process than flatbed, drum or virtual-drum scanners.

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