multispectral imaging camera system

Streamline your multispectral imaging analysis workflow

Want to get a better understanding of multispectral imaging and what our solution is capable of?

Multispectral imaging has the ability to reveal the invisible in a non-invasive manner, hence many researchers rely on this analysis as an initial step, protecting the often sensitive artifacts. If you want to understand the process and get insights into how multispectral light uncovers different layers with our Rainbow MSI solution, then we have an interesting webinar for you.

Our CH expert will introduce the workflow of multispectral imaging, walk you through its use cases and explain how our solution is ideal for getting an automated and accurate analysis. You will get a demonstration of the versatility of the solution and how it can be tailored to your research and usability needs. 

Working with multispectral imaging can be tedious, which is why we have produced a fully automated system, reducing the risk of inconsistent and error-prone data.Learn how the fully integrated system and the bespoke software can expedite multispectral imaging capturing and analysis process. You will get an overview of color reproduction, calibration, capturing and analysis, showing how the software’s features can be utilized to uncover every little detail of your object.

Learn the tips and tricks to find that outstanding characteristic of your subject of interest.

Want to learn more about how our solution can support your specific needs and demands, get in touch with our CH experts and learn more about our optimized solution