Phase One Global Ambassador

Sails Chong

Commercial and Fashion

Meet Sails

Sails Chong is undoubtedly one of the most famous commercial photographers from China, having worked with the likes of Huawei, NetEase, Victoria’s Secret and New York Fashion Week. It’s hard to believe his career started only 12 years ago, as a hobby, while he was working as a salesman in the oil and gas industry. That’s not to say Sails doesn’t have photography in his blood. The camera has always been part of his life, even if just as a tool to document it, until he decided to take his passion a step further. Today, his photography has evolved to a highly elaborate style, each shot a sophisticated art piece composed with mathematical precision and rigor. Watching Sails at work is like witnessing an artistic performance in itself.

Pushing the limits of photography

Sails sees the practice of photography as running a marathon. The hardest moment is in the middle of the race, when you feel you’ve reached your limit, you’re tired and maybe even want to give up. The secret is to focus on that fight within yourself and push the limits of what you can do always further, especially since with photography there’s no finish line: you’re always evolving.

About Sails’ kit

For his commercial work, Sails uses an XF IQ4 Camera System. It provides him with exceptional image quality, while also ensuring his workflow both on location and in the studio is seamless and customized to his own preferences.