Phase One Global Ambassador

Simon Puschmann

Automotive & Fine Art

Meet Simon

Simon Puschmann is an award-winning commercial photographer and director who challenges classification. His clients and craft take him to all corners of the globe, capturing some of the most dynamic and eye-catching campaigns for Porsche in Dubai or the Hyundai in Korea. Although when asked about his best project, he doesn’t forget to mention his work with Hamburg’s local football club FC St.Pauli. At 16, Simon picked up his passion and talent for photography, he has since created his own brand of dramatic and unexpected imagery. Now, living with his family, he is enjoying a part-time Nomad life traveling between Hamburg and Los Angeles, or in his Airstream somewhere in Europe.

The basis for all of my work is to shoot sharp, sharp, sharp and print in a really, really large format. Focus Stacking, Frame Averaging and also tethered shooting to design my images on a large screen is essential for my workflow. So medium format is a must - without any hesitation.

About Simon’s kit

To achieve this high level of sharpness on larger than life advertisements, he uses the XF IQ4 150 Camera System with a variety of lenses. When shooting car to car in a very fast paced set, Simon needs to be able to rely on a professional system that has unparalleled image quality, resolution, sharpness, and dedicated professional workflow.