Phase One Global Ambassador

Yulia Gorbachenko

Fashion and Beaty

Meet Yulia

Yulia Gorbachenko is a beauty and fashion photographer based in NYC, with a Master’s Degree in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts (SVA). She is originally from Ukraine, where she studied marketing and linguistics. She moved to the US to gain international business experience, but ended up becoming a photographer instead. Today, she specializes in fashion and beauty photography, with work featured in publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.

Shooting fashion with the XF IQ4 Camera System

“I had used the Phase One camera system before and loved it, so I was excited to test the new features of the IQ4, which proved to be beyond amazing. I enjoyed using the product naturally, as I would with my typical workflow. For this shoot, I wanted to keep it simple and show the natural beauty of the model’s face – stunning freckles and sky-blue eyes. I know that the Trichromatic really excels with these details and I wanted to make sure to let the model’s features shine.

I was amazed with the image quality – that brought my work to the next level. The images suddenly felt like 3D paintings. The color doesn’t need much of post editing, it already has the required richness and saturation. I also like that I can look at an image, walk away from it, and see something different when I come back to it.”

About Yulia’s kit

For her fashion and beauty shoots, Yulia uses an XF IQ4 100MP Camera System, which delivers color rendition closely matched to that of human vision, alongside the dynamic range and on-set workflow flexibility needed for editorial work with high-end clientele.