Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt together with Phase One

Middlehurst Phase One Digital Art Photography Experience

Introductory Video

Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt discuss what their Middlehurst Photography Experience is all about – and show a few photos as well!

Watch some highlights from 2019 trip here >>>

Middlehurst Art Photography Workshop

We are excited to be supporting the Middlehurst Art Photography workshop in New Zealand with Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt, with a special emphasis on medium format photography and the Phase One System!

Date: 14th-20th of August 2024 (7 days/6 nights)

Location: Middlehurst, New Zealand

Admission fare: AUD 14,995

Number of participants: Maximum of 8 photographers

Join us in a 7-day/6-night photography retreat experience for a better understanding how to use Phase One cameras and learn about the philosophy and aesthetics of art photography and image-making.

See you there!

Contact our Phase One Business Development Manager, Michael Griffiths for more information.

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