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Phase One is launching
a new calibration centre
at the US Headquarters in Denver

Phase One is launching a new calibration centre at the US Headquarters in Denver


We are proud to announce the opening of a new calibration centre at our US Headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The launch of the US Calibration Center is demonstrating our ongoing efforts to better serve our customers. With the launch of our new calibration center, we have expanded our office space in Denver and brought our entire geospatial team under one roof to serve our clients in America in the most efficient manner.  

“We’ve continued to focus on delivering the highest quality products and solutions to our customers—a core reason we’re seeing such strong growth.” said Steve Cooper, Vice President, Phase One Americas. With this new calibration centre including the most advanced technology, Phase One reaffirms our intention to offer the best imaging technology to the US market. We are very proud of our new calibration center and looking forward to welcome customers and partners to our new facilities. 

With 30 years of experience from complex projects for world-leading players, we have a good basis for further growth in an area where strong demand is expected in the coming years. Here, our goal is to make a contribution to offer unrivalled image data quality empowering our customers to increase productivity, save time, and capture state of the art image data. To offer Imaging Beyond Imagination​” said Anthony Garetto, Chief Product Officer at Phase One.  

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