The XC Camera

Explore. Inspire. Create. Anywhere.

Explore. Inspire. Create. Anywhere.

As a photographer your view of the world is unique.

Light sculpts form. Form defines shape.

Shape narrates composition. Composition elicits response.

Designed to be with you, always

Inspiration is everywhere, but without the right tools ready to record, that view remains abstract.

The XC is designed to be with you always. Unobtrusive and accessible, the XC complements your journey.

With its travel-friendly design, the XC camera takes you anywhere, captures anything, and is always by your side.

The XC Camera equips you with the instrument necessary to explore and the unparalleled image quality to inspire.

Unleash the explorer within

With the Phase One XC, photography is at your fingertips.

You can carry your camera anywhere, capture anything, and record the inspiration as it strikes.

Get inspired anywhere

Designed for simplicity and convenience.

With an emphasis on the essentials the XC enables your process.

The ultra-wide-angle nurtures inspiration,

viewing the world from an expansive perspective.


Create your piece of art

The XC delivers the greatest quality, highest dynamic range

and a richness of color, in the highest resolution.

There is nothing more impressive than the quality and detail of a Phase One image.

Capture excellence

Phase One continually pioneers digital image quality.

The XC provides photographic technology in a class of its own.

With a priority on intuitive integration and feature growth,

the XC Camera embodies unparalleled system control and visionary capture tools.

Technical Specifications of the XC

When inspiration calls:

Unleash your creative power.

Book a personal demo of the XC.