Mission quality review, image adjustment, correction and conversion with Phase One iX Process

iX Suite empowers you to manage aerial mapping projects from planning the mission to delivering the final images for photogrammetry. iX Suite comprises: iX Plan; iX Flight Pro; and iX Process. In this webinar we will focus on iX Process software which offers the shortest image processing time in the market, empower customers to save valuable time and increase productivity. Join this webinar and discover how you can save tremendous time, space and processing power.

iX Process is the mission review and image processing application which ensures the acquired images are of high quality, allows users to adjust image colors and export geometric-corrected images in Tiff formats upon need, or keep images in IIQ formats

iX Process key features

    • Display missions in GIS interface
    • Guide-through wizard to define mission QA criteria:
      • Overlap, side-lap, altitude, speed, aircraft attitude and sun angles
    • Select only the images within an area of interest
    • Identify and eliminate duplicated images
    • Display missed images and flight lines
    • Mark or approve images not meeting the set criteria or of cloud, water, etc.
    • Perform geometric corrections on images
    • Perform radiometric adjustments on images
    • Adjusted metafiles with IIQ images or convert images to Tiff
    • Generate a QA log and report
    • Easy re-fly planning

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