Fly-to-Finish workflow through Trimble® Inpho® photogrammetry software

Industry-leading experts Dr. Mohsen Miri, Product Manager of Trimble® Photogrammetry, Lisa Chen, Product Manager Aircraft Solutions and Michael Ølund, Product Manager Software at Phase One, talk about a Fly-to-Finish workflow for best-in-class Phase One cameras through Trimble® Inpho® photogrammetry software.

The latest release of the Phase One iX Suite and Trimble Inpho version 13 has the focus on increasing productivity by simplifying the workflow. There is expanded direct support of Phase One’s proprietary raw data format, IIQ, which further streamlines the production process and ensures high-quality and accurate deliverables. 

In this webinar, you will learn about the key specifications and the recent release updates of Phase One and Trimble® Inpho® products and solutions.