Barry Grossman

What's in my bag?

Photography is a time honored art form. One of the most compelling reasons to choose medium format would be the sheer number of megapixels, but this is only the start of the benefits. The beauty of medium format lays in having more time to dive into your composition to find that perfect frame. Light, depth of field and colors become more expressive than with any other system.

Besides that our medium format cameras offer a customizable and flexible workflow, which is essential for a result-oriented client shoot. Besides that we have developed an extensive tool set, fully digitally integrated in the camera, such as tethered shooting and robust focusing tools. At the end it comes down to delivering the best results for your client and for that your equipment should not fell far from being the best and most reliable.

See below what equipment the talented photographer Barry Grossman uses for his client work:

#1 Case:

  • Phase One XF medium format camera body with a prism viewfinder
  • Phase One lenses by Schneider Kreuznach: 28mm f/4.5, 35mm f/3.5, 55mm f/2.8, 80mm f/2.8, 110mm f/2.8

#2 Case:

  • Phase One IQ4 150MP medium format digital back
  • Rodenstock HR lenses; 23mm f/5.6, 32mm f/4.0, 40mm f/4 & 70mm f/5.6 (40 and 70 are mounted in tilt/swing housing)
  • Cambo Photography WRS 5000 technical camera and accessories (WRS M645 lens adapter for my Phase One glass, WRS 1090 Compendium lens bellows, WRS 1075 Shoe)
  • Profoto Air Remote Transmitter
  • Chargers, batteries, cards and cables

Camera support:

  • Really Right Stuff tripods; TVC 34 w/column, TVC-14 travel tripod, Versa Ground tripod
  • I have an Area Swiss Cube C1 Flip-lock on my main TVC-34, Arca Swiss Core 75 for the smaller tripods


  • Profoto B10 Kit w/2 500 WS Units (used as primary location lights)
  • Profoto D1 Kit w/2 1000 WS units (studio work)
  • Profoto B1 Kit w/2 B1 500 WS units (backup units)
  • Profoto light modifiers: Large Deep white umbrella, Medium Deep white umbrella (x2), Medium Deep Silver umbrella, Small white umbrella (x2), White diffusion for umbrella, OCF Soft Octabox, OCF gel kits, OCF grids, OCF barn doors, OCF Magnum reflector, OCF Zoom reflector

No more tungsten (hot) lights!!

Tenba 48” Rolling Case for stands/tripods

"For all of my interior and architectural work, I have two Phase One rolling cases containing all of my medium format camera gear. I generally take both Phase One cases, two to three lighting instruments and most modifiers with me."

Barry Grossman

Miami-based photographer for Architecture & Design

The reasons to choose Phase One Medium Format are compelling. As the people behind the design, manufacture, and delivery of such critical photographic equipment, Phase One knows the demands of today’s professional photographer. It is because of this that we offer an unprecedented promise to our customers to always be available, to always provide a solution, and to ensure your investment in Phase One Medium Format remains secure.

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