Wind turbine

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Time Critical Asset Inspections

Get millimeter-sized damage detection during critical asset inspection. The P3 Payload allows you to get a closer and more detailed look at your assets for better damage detection and quicker identification of focus areas for routine maintenance, reducing the costs of downtime. Our iXM 100MP offers a high-resolution large area sensor, which ensures you capture the right data every time, as repeating the inspection can sometimes be difficult due to external conditions.

The datasets contain all types of data for self-processing: images from the drone, high-precision coordinates, GNSS data from the base station and GCPs for accuracy control, and already processed data for viewing and analysing.

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Phase One’s iXM-100 is the only camera that can capture such sharp and large images with its wide swath, from a safe altitude. The camera just works with no triggering problems.

Markus Bobbe

PHD Researcher - Institute of Flight Guidance, TU Braunschweig