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Phase One A/S是世界领先的中画幅数码摄影系统和为专业摄影师提供成像解决方案和工业应用的供应商。成立于90年代初期,飞思是一个真正的数码摄影先驱,带着满腔热情的承诺追求卓越画质和创作自由。

飞思的工程和设计的专业知识在高像素拍摄系统中获得了成像方面的突破,更先进的软件更好的拍摄工作流程和源文件编辑能力。飞思在优化硬件和软件集成的理解和才能,突显于其屡获殊荣的Capture One Pro软件—专业摄影师的广泛首选。飞思的产业分工主要侧重于航拍采集文化遗产保护的图像精度的工业应用当中。—测绘地球,保护珍贵艺术品和作品

总部设在丹麦哥本哈根,并接受北欧设计精益求精的高要求,飞思致力于提供最佳的图像质量和用户体验。在纽约,东京,科隆,上海和特拉维 夫设有办事处,并与全球合作伙伴的专家组一起,飞思致力于服务及为全球客户提供支持。

飞思和Capture One的注册商标为Phase One A/S。所有其他品牌或产品名称是其各自所有者的商标或注册商标。





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Phase One is a dynamic workplace that is fuelled by innovation and passionate collaboration. We take pride in developing cutting-edge technology and products. Our leading position in the world market requires employees with qualifications and competence to maintain and further develop our products and market position.

Ready to take the challenge?


XF 100 MP Camera System

Ultimate Image quality combined with the ultimate creative freedom to help our customers create new masterpieces.

Capture One Pro

Used by many of the world’s best photographers, Capture One Pro combines outstanding Power, Quality and Precision. 

Why Medium Format?

When it comes to photography, bigger is simply better. The unique look along with the unparalleled depth and detail are just some of what makes medium format stand out.