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Technical Camera Systems

Definitive image quality and integration for fine art photography


Capture with unmatched image quality and innovative technology

Whether shooting with Phase One’s pioneering Trichromatic color technology found in the IQ4 100MP Trichromatic, the extreme resolution of the backside illuminated IQ4 150MP, or light beyond what the eye can see with the IQ4 150MP Achromatic, each IQ4 digital back has been developed with full compatibility for technical camera systems. The inherent image quality and vast workflow improvements greatly enhance the technical camera capture experience.
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Analogue beauty, digital dedication and open platform versatility


Analogue beauty, unmatched digital integration

IQ4 digital backs, when used with a technical camera, are as innovative as they are simple. Making no sacrifice at the expense of image quality, the the IQ4 pairs unmatched digital integrations with decades-old analog technology. Combining exquisite optical components with Phase One digital technology, a technical camera system takes full advantage of the image quality inherent to the IQ4 150MP, and delivers it with lighter and smaller precision mechanics.

Replacing LCC with FLC on the A-Series

Photographers familiar with Fine Art and Technical Camera applications understand the burden of manually creating and applying LCC profiles to their image. With the A-series and the introduction of Factory Lens Calibrations (FLC), the camera system itself replaces the need to worry. Just select the lens, capture the image and pursue your vision.

XF Camera System versatility

IQ4 digital backs are compatible with many technical camera systems, as well as the XF Camera System. It has never been easier to take advantage of both a technical camera solution and XF Camera System. Simply connect the Digital Back to the XF Camera, select the camera mode, and enjoy all the benefits of a fully integrated Auto Focus Medium Format system.