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A-series IQ3 100MP System

A definitive moment for fine art photography

The A-series offers precision optics, custom-calibrated digital backs, meticulously manufactured components, and imaging software for exceptional quality and workflow innovations. Phase One and ALPA are dedicated to providing fine art photographers with a camera system unrivalled in its beauty and image quality. 

Capture with Trichromatic

Phase One’s pioneering color technology, found in the IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back, has been developed with full compatibility for the A-series System. The improved color control gives cleaner captures and greater image quality benefits to the technical camera solution. With everything you expect from the IQ3 range, the Trichromatic Digital Back adds 101-megapixels of never-before-possible color definition. 

Analogue beauty, digital dedication and open platform versatility


Analogue beauty, unmatched digital integration

The A-series Camera System is as innovative as it is simple. Making no sacrifice at the expense of image quality, the system embraces the excellence of decades-old analog technology and pairs it with unmatched digital integration. Combining exquisite optical components with Phase One digital technology, the system takes full advantage of the image quality inherent to the IQ3 100MP Digital Back and delivers it in lighter and smaller precision mechanics.

Replacing LCC with FLC

Photographers familiar with Fine Art and Technical Camera applications understand the burden of manually creating and applying LCC profiles to their image. With the A-series and the introduction of Factory Lens Calibrations (FLC), the Camera System itself replaces the need to worry. Just select the lens, capture the image and pursue your vision.

XF Camera System versatility

The A-series IQ3 Camera System is not only purpose-built for A-series elegance, but the Digital Back is completely compatible with the XF Camera System. It has never been easier to take advantage of both the A-series and XF Camera Systems. Simply connect the Digital Back to the XF Camera, select the camera mode, and enjoy all the benefits of a fully integrated Auto Focus Medium Format system.


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