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A-series IQ3 100MP System – A definitive moment for Fine Art Photography

The finest hardware the photographic world has to offer. Precision optics, custom calibrated digital backs, meticulously manufactured components and unbeatable imaging software come together to deliver untouchable quality and exclusive workflow innovations… now available with 100MP Full Frame Medium Format CMOS perfection.

Continuing the Fine Art Alliance

Phase One and ALPA are dedicated to provide fine art photographers with a camera system that is as unmatched in beauty as it is image quality. With the introduction of the worlds first 100MP CMOS sensor to the A-series IQ3 100MP System, the workflow, image quality and detail of fine art camera solutions has never been better.

Analogue Beauty and Digital Dedication

The A-series Camera System is as innovative as it is simple. Making no sacrifice at the expense of image quality, the system embraces the excellence of decades-old analogue technology and pairs it with unmatched digital integration. Combining the best optical components with the ultimate digital technology, while maintaining precision simplicity, ensures quality is always number one. Not only does this system take full advantage of the image quality inherent to the IQ3 100MP Digital Back, but it delivers it in lighter and smaller precision mechanics.

Medium Format Perfection

Using full-frame Medium Format sensors 2.5 times larger than those found in high-end DSLRs, the A-series IQ3 100MP provides true Medium Format beauty, taking complete advantage of the Rodenstock optics. A combination of the highest resolution, the highest dynamic range, and full 16-bit color, the A-series IQ3 100MP is perfectly poised to deliver exceptional and unmatched imaging elegance.

XF Camera System Versatility

The new A-series IQ3 Camera System is not only purpose built for A-series elegance, but the digital back is completely compatible with the XF Camera System. It has never been easier to take advantage of both the A-series and XF Camera Systems. Simply connect the back to the XF camera, select the camera mode, and enjoy all the advantages of a fully integrated Auto Focus Medium Format system.

Replacing LCC with FLC

Photographers familiar with Fine Art and Technical Camera applications understand the burden of manually creating, and later applying, LCC profiles to their image. With the A-series and the introduction of Factory Lens Calibrations (FLC) the Camera System stands as a testament of digital innovations. For those who may be unfamiliar, the A-series IQ3 System replaces the need to worry. Just select the lens, capture the image and pursue your vision.

A-series Dedicated Technology

Exclusive to the A-series, the premier IQ3 Digital Backs offer custom-made Factory Lens Calibration to ensure each back is tailored to the coupled camera and lens, ensuring that the system achieves the absolute pinnacle in Image Quality.

Electronic Shutter

An industry first for Medium Format, we’re introducing the most technically advanced, versatile and dynamic feature yet, complete Electronic Shutter integration. Now, with the IQ3 100MP, you can capture images without a single moving component. With the new rolling shutter technology of the IQ3 100MP, you have complete control directly from the digital back. The Electronic Shutter not only provides advantages for a number of capture scenarios but it extends the control and workflow possibilities for Live View, Black Reference integration and technical camera applications.

Factory Lens Calibrations (FLC)

The Factory Lens Calibrations are made individually for each A-series system and stored within the Firmware of the A-series IQ3 Digital Back. This calibration allows photographers to simply select the specific lens they intend to use and start capturing without the need to create Lens Cast Corrections for later software integration.  Simplifying workflow and ensuring quality.

Modular Design

The A-series IQ3 Camera System is designed to meet your individual needs. The ALPA designed body allows for a multitude of optional attachments and innumerable accessories, and the A-series IQ3 Digital Back offers the same functionality of other IQ3 Digital Backs. The flexibility of the A-series provides you with access to the workflow that suits your application, whatever it may be.

The Phase One Touch

Part of what makes Phase One stand out, is the innovations in User Experience. The XF Camera System introduced the OneTouch UI, an innovative and exclusive achievement in camera control. The A-series IQ3 100MP Camera System benefits greatly from this technology by offering the same retina touch screen display and interaction. The ability to select your intended lens with a simple touch of the screen, show high-quality image previews, zoom to 100% and check focus with a simple tap, these all add up in a comprehensive 3.2” inch display providing ample space to compose, review and create.

Live View Beauty

With the introduction of the A-series IQ3 100MP Camera System, the option to see Full Frame images in fast and fluid Live View is here! The stunning beauty of a 30fps Live View display comes alive in an application such as the A-series IQ3 100MP. Compose your image directly through the backs display with almost no latency, check your focus with a simple tap of the screen, and ensure that the subject you see in front of you is exactly what you capture. The Live View can also be output through a separate HDMI port, ensuring workflow flexibility, or used in conjunction with your iOS device over the WiFi connection. CMOS Live View performance like never before, now in Full Frame Medium Format A-series beauty.

Lenses & Calibrations

Amazing Rodenstock Optics

Amazing Rodenstock Optics

Meticulously selected, the A-series lens collection is factory calibrated to ensure each A-series System performs to it’s absolute best. The lenses range from the ultra-wide Alpagon f/5.6 23mm, the wide ALPAR f/4.0 35mm and the Alpagon f/5.6 70mm. Three well rounded lens options to ensure optimal versatility and performance, no matter what your subject.

Edge to Edge Perfection

Each A-series Rodenstock lens delivers unrivalled edge-to-edge sharpness, fully capable of resolving the quality of full frame medium format sensors, even well beyond the 100 megapixel resolution of the A-series IQ3 100MP. The precision system coupled with the high-quality optics, provides stunning detail in every shot.

Exclusive Lens Calibrations

The A-series Camera System is the first in its class to introduce system specific calibrations and customization. This technology enables colorcast corrections of the optics to be applied instantly to the file upon capture, not only making the A-series IQ3 System the highest quality fine art camera system, but also the most integrated medium format system of it’s kind.

Additional Lens Support

In addition to the specifically calibrated A-series lenses, the system remains compatible with all ALPA lenses, offering a great choice of ultimate high-resolution lens designs for a multitude of applications. The versatility, precision and perfection of the A-series Camera System can be used across the board.

A-series IQ3 System - Unrivalled performance

Compact. High Performance. Medium Format.

Size can certainly play a role when it comes to the quality of your images. When it comes to image quality in photography, bigger is better. Great things, however, can come in small packages. The A-series IQ3 System uses the highest quality components from the worlds top tier manufactures, ensuring imaging quality is, without question, at its absolute pinnacle.

Capture Pilot Integration and Live View

The A-Series IQ3 Camera System focuses on size and quality. Because of this it sacrifices the integration of an optical viewfinder. The IQ3 A-Series Camera System therefore integrates over WiFi with any iOS device using Capture Pilot. No bulk, no fuss, just the A-series IQ3 Camera System and your iOS device gives you astonishing Live View control, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Everything you need

The A-series IQ3 Camera System comes complete with all you need to start shooting. In true Phase One fashion, catering to the world’s most demanding artist’s means a flawless out of the box experience. The A-Series IQ3 Camera System comes with all you need to get shooting. The batteries are charged, photographer not included.

What’s in the box

Capture One Pro Phase One Family

Compact Size

It’s compact medium format proportions and ergonomic rosewood grip means it’s as comfortable to hold, as it is to shoot.

5 Year System Warranty

The A-series IQ3 Camera System comes with the reassurance of a 5-year warranty that covers the entire system, from Lens to Screen.

All the Accessories

The A-series IQ3 Camera System comes with all the accessories needed straight out of the box. From batteries, chargers, and cables to high quality leather straps and iOS device holder. Everything is included.


There are 4 configurations of the A-series: the A-series IQ3 50MP, A-series IQ3 60MP,  A-series IQ3 80MP and the A-series IQ3 100MP. All systems come standard with the 35mm Rodenstock lens and are also configured from the factory for generic application with the 23mm and 70mm.