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Phase One Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

Become part of the Phase One family

Stand out from the competition with the addition of Phase One medium format.

Phase One Camera Systems are modular, allowing you to improve and update your camera’s components over time, without needing to abandon your most-loved parts. With attractive upgrade options and our deliberate focus on modularity, our available pre-owned equipment offers a wide range of configurations and components - ranging from CCD to CMOS digital backs, to more than 20 lenses. After a 9-step certification process, all of our Pre-Owned components are shipped in like-new condition, and with new accessories. And if anything should stand in the way of your photography, our world-class support team is always available to help get you up and running again as quickly as possible. All Certified Pre-Owned components come with a full 1 year warranty.

The unique look of medium format has long been desirable, and with unparalleled depth and detail and the imaging innovations provided by Capture One Pro, the addition of Phase One medium format to your kit will broaden your photographic capabilities. In a quickly-changing industry, Phase One equipment stands the test of time and will continue to set you apart for years to come.

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“Pre-Owned was a cost-effective way to meet the high demand of my commercial clients with Phase One quality.” Kamil Tamiola

9-step Pre-Owned Certification process

Full hardware inspection

Each component is visually inspected, functionally inspected and preliminary tested for signs of wear or possible impairment. This inspection is internal, as well as external.

Internal clean-room inspection

Under clinical conditions, each digital component is partially disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled as if it were a newly-fabricated component.

Precision focus adjustment

Using microscopic measure, the digital sensor's mounting plane is adjusted to ensure perfect factory focus and precision performance with the paired optics.

Thorough mechanical testing

All components undergo strict performance tests for all moving parts. Not only shutters and buttons, but also simple moving parts such as battery doors and CF card ejection buttons.

Final test of electronics

Through integrated “stress tests” each electrical component is put through tests that ensure all integrated boards, processors and interfaces are working to new standards.

Calibration and firmware update

In the final stages of the inspection and adjustment process, the entire system is calibrated and firmware is reinstalled, updated and verified. 

Test captures

All ISOs, shutter speeds, apertures, and storage options are tested thoroughly in a studio setting, ensuring that all components are working in tandem and capturing images to meet the system specifications.

Image quality inspection

The test capture images are now inspected by certified image quality professionals, and compared to standard test images to ensure that the quality of the captures meets the standards of Phase One's image quality.

Quality assurance certification

Finally, the QA department performs additional independent, real world testing to ensure the camera works under demanding conditions without issue, and not just within a laboratory setting.

Certified Pre-Owned Camera Systems - starting at 9,990 USD

Complete Camera System, including body, digital back and 80mm LS lens. Individual components also available.