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Honeybee Autofocus Platform (HAP)


Precision in the decisive moment

The Honeybee Autofocus Platform (HAP) is Phase One's fully in-house controlled autofocus system. Like the rest of the XF Camera System, the HAP architecture allows for user-accessible updates, as well as hardware upgrades, that will expand and improve the autofocus system to meet market demands for years to come.

Feature Updates

The dedicated engineers at Phase One use photographers' feedback and demands to develop the autofocus platform with improved performance and valuable features for the professional photographer - from the Hyperfocal Point Calibration tool to the Autofocus & Recompose mode - that are passed on to you as complimentary Feature Updates.


HAP-2 is an optional upgrade to the existing autofocus hardware. HAP-2 refines autofocus performance in low-light and low-contrast conditions.. With a simple hardware replacement, the advanced dynamic range and new autofocus algorithm provide an updated platform onto which the XF Camera Body can continue to expand.