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XF IQ1 - The essentials for ultimate image quality


XF IQ1 Camera System - The Essential Camera System

The XF IQ1 Camera Systems provide you the essentials of a professional camera system. The best lenses, the most advanced camera body, and exquisite digital sensors offer you the fundamental components that ensure success and efficiency.

The basics for success

The IQ1 Camera Systems offer the no-frills system components you need to stay competitive in the professional market.  With the same modular design and build quality found in the flagship Phase One products the IQ1 Camera Systems can accommodate a smaller budget while still providing everything required of a professional system.

40MP, 50MP, 60MP and 80MP medium format options

The XF IQ1 Camera System options are extensive, ensuring the right fit for the right job and the right budget for the right professional. The four distinct camera systems each provides their own set of advantages, depending on your requirements and each system ensures that the end result is exactly as you planned.

CCD and CMOS possibilities

With image quality, flexibility and professional choice as top priorities at Phase One, and we continue to ensure that the right tool is available for the right job. The XF IQ1 Camera Systems provide options for CCD sensor technology or CMOS sensor technology. If unmatched tonal subtlety and detail retention is a must, the XF IQ1 60MP and XF IQ1 80MP are a perfect fit. If ISO flexibility and Live View workflow are needed, the IQ1 50MP is at your disposal.

Access to the latest and greatest

Although the IQ1 Camera Systems may be built for the discerning budget, they are by no means excluded from exploring the advantages of the XF Camera System. The full IQ1 Digital Back family is compatible with the XF Camera System and can take advantage of the benefits our growing Feature Update options have to offer.

Extensive options

The extensive digital options in the IQ1 Camera System family allow for further flexibility and workflow alternatives.  Whether the emphasis is on capture rate or resolution, the IQ1 Camera System options are diverse enough to fit any situation.

Flexible compatibility

Built on a platform that has proved itself over the last 6 years, the IQ Camera System options are a perfect option for integration with alternative camera systems. Whether it’s technical camera systems, non-integrated 645 solutions, or a customized capture solution, the IQ1 Camera Systems can meet the requirements and perform faithfully, all with no unnecessary external connections or cumbersome solutions.

The Capture One Pro Difference

The image quality promise of Phase One is assured with the integration of Capture One Pro software. With such intimate knowledge of both digital camera technology and software development under the same roof, the Capture One Pro software blends seamlessly with your captured images and provides image quality that no other software or hardware manufacturer can deliver.
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The Phase One Family

Driven by passionate photographers, Phase One is a company dedicated to image quality and perfection. For 20+ years, Phase One has driven digital photography forward in the pursuit of perfection and precision.

Dedication to Image Quality

Phase One has always strived to provide excellence in all its products.  With the obsession to deliver image quality devoted on two fronts - digital capture and Capture One software - Phase One continues its commitment to deliver superior quality. Whether it’s investment in a legacy hardware, industry leading camera systems, or simply our unmatched software, image quality is our passion.

Professional tools

With modular designs, optical superiority and software integration that is beyond reproach, Phase One provides the tools you need to deliver a professional project.  Each component of a Phase One Camera System is designed to ensure that it fulfills the needs of the worlds most demanding photographers, either by itself or paired together. The professional tools you require are the professional tools we provide.

Professional service

Hardware is only as good as the commitment that maintains it. Our commitment to providing professional service and support is unparalleled. With a worldwide network of dedicated support staff available 24/7 for our hardware users and up to 5 Years Unlimited Warranty, Phase One ensures the promise to our customers is steadfast.

Personal approach

Phase One prides itself as being an approachable company, and we hold our customers feedback at a premium. With the launch of the XF Camera System, we’ve introduced a development track which embraces the suggestions of our hardware customers. The Feature Update strategy of the XF Camera System incrementally introduces new tools, integration and functionality that come as a direct result of the suggestions for improvement our customers provide us.  The professional photographer is as big a part of Phase One as the developers that create the products.

The benefits of shooting with IQ1

Howard Shooter

“You have the right tools for the job so that you can guarantee that the outcome is exceptional in color accuracy”

Patrick Curtet

“I was recommended to try the IQ160, and it was a complete game-changer. The camera and the back were doing the job I was expecting"

Rory Lewis

“From a business perspective upgrading to Medium Format, has enabled me to take my portfolio to another level"

Open Platform philosophy

Value that lasts, and the ability to use components on other modular camera systems and technical cameras. There are many advantages of having an open and modular system, and we embrace every one.  With the refined accessories and simplicity of our components, the seamless integration into innumerable alternatives is a major asset of Phase One hardware.

Technical cameras

There is a host of specialized camera manufacturers delivering specialty solutions for technical disciplines in reproduction imagery, architecture, landscape or industrial applications, and many more, all of which offer compatibility with the range of Phase One Digital Backs.

Trade-ins and Pre-Owned

Because Phase One equipment holds its value, existing customers often choose to trade-in older equipment for the latest products at attractive upgrade prices. All Phase One partners are able to offer Phase One Certified Pre-Owned Camera Systems to photographers that are just getting started in the medium format world. Offering Pre-Owned, quality equipment at a great price is a healthy ecosystem where everybody wins.

Value that lasts

We know our customers and we know that Phase One products made more than 10 years ago are still used in high-end production environments today. We are extremely proud to be making digital equipment that continues to work year after year in an industry that typically provides short technology cycles.

Phase One Lens Range

Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics, the Leaf Shutter lenses are some of the sharpest lenses in the world.

Why Phase One Medium Format?

When it comes to photography, bigger is simply better. The unique look along with the unparalleled depth and detail are just some of what makes medium format stand out.

Phase One Certified Pre-Owned

Ultimate image quality starting at 9,990 USD, for a complete camera system including camera body, digital back and 80mm SK LS lens.