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Media Pro SE features are developed with the world’s best photographers


Powerful organization

Media Pro SE can supercharge the way you find, organize, and share your images and videos wherever your files are stored.

Drag and drop importing

Add just the image files you want to a particular catalog, whether it's the entire contents of your camera's media card or a few video files from a hard drive.

Fast import

No need to wait for progress bars; Media Pro SE is built to handle thousands of files with ease.

Support for image and videos from 100+ cameras

Open all those files without worry. Media Pro SE supports all the file formats you need, and probably a few that you don't. Evaluate and compare high quality raw images Instantly magnify images and evaluate your raw images with correct colors, in extreme detail and including adjustments using Capture One’s professional image rendering engine.

Find files anywhere

Let Media Pro SE keep track of the location of your files, across all your hard drives, CDs, or media cards. Searches can be done within the current catalog, open catalogs, recent catalogs, or across all catalogs in a folder, and popular searches can be saved for later use.

Hierarchical keywords

Don't just tag your picture saying that it's from holidays: Tell your friends that it's from Europe, Denmark, Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Roskildevej 39, 2nd floor and 3rd door to the right!

Offline workflow

Catalogs can be searched, browsed or annotated even when the originals are offline, and changes you make will be synchronized later.

Screen-size previews

See what you're looking at more clearly with large preview images, which are automatically generated when your files are imported.

Visual catalogs

Add more than 128,000 files per catalog, organized just the way you like. Color labels and catalog sets help you to sort and manage them all.


Seamless workflow and integration

Using Capture One's professional image rendering engine and industry-standard metadata, Media Pro SE allows for seamless DAM extensions to your current session based workflow.

Backup and archiving

Burn CD and DVD archives of your images on both Windows and Mac OS. Media Pro SE will even analyze your drive to suggest locations for backup files.

Batch conversion and scripting

Kiss tedious tasks goodbye with powerful batch processing and scripting features. Rename, resize, or reformat hundreds of files at a time.

Drag and drop tagging

Add tags and keywords to your images in just a few seconds. Custom keyword dictionaries let you keep tags consistent throughout your workgroup.

ICC color profile

Preserve color integrity in your images with full support for ICC color profiles throughout your workflow.

Industry-standard metadata

Fully extensible meta data, XMP support, custom meta data additions: We've got you covered!

Raw formats

Use professional quality RAW format importing (using either Capture One’ s professional image rendering engine or Windows Imaging Components on Windows and Core Image processing on the Mac) to work with files from the most popular pro and semi-pro digital cameras.

Windows and Macintosh

Work on whichever platform is most convenient, and share catalogs with colleagues on either operating system.


The Professional Digital Asset Manager

Media Pro SE is a professional photo manager that makes it easy to manage your photo and video assets.


Image editing

Easy to use editing tools makes it possible to quickly optimize your images.

Advanced image editing

Take advantage of Media Pro SE's seamless workflow integration with Capture One Pro. Capture One is a raw converter and photo editing software for professional and passionate photographers. Its easy-to-use precision adjustment tools will assist you in achieving the perfect look for every image. Edit your raw images in Capture One and all adjustments, metadata, ratings, and tags from sessions can be updated in Media Pro SE catalogs.

Basic image editing

Correct images without leaving Media Pro SE. Quickly rotate, resize, or crop your photos.

Color management

Make color fidelity part of your workflow with support for ICC color profiles for JPEG and TIFF files. Preserve existing profile information, or use Media Pro SE’s intelligent batch profiler to assign new profiles to multiple images based on their color space.

Multi-Monitor light table

Take advantage of a larger working area with a light table that supports multiple monitors when processing and rating images and other files.


Professional delivery

Media Pro SE offers dozens of professionally designed HTML presentation templates to impress your audience, online.

Export and repurpose assets

Deliver files to your clients and colleagues in whatever format, size, or resolution they ask for, while preserving your originals.

Media Pro SE Reader

Media Pro SE Reader enables users to distribute and share catalogs with any chosen recipient at no cost and with no restrictions. Media Pro SE Reader is compatible with both the Macintosh and Windows operating systems and is free to download and distribute. With Media Pro SE you can customize how users of Media Pro SE Reader see your catalog, and using the Media Pro SE Notepad it is easy to share comments about media items among different users viewing the same catalog.

Professional presentation templates

Choose from dozens of customizable presentation templates to showcase your files in beautiful web galleries or hard-copy layouts.

Slide shows

Specify timing, scaling, transition effects for your slide shows, and even cue audio files to accompany your images or video.

Web galleries

Banish static HTML galleries to the past by using web galleries to present your images dynamically and interactively.