Phase One camera setup for geospatial surveying

Aerial Solutions

Our aerial photography solutions offer the highest image quality & reliability for UAV, drone, & aircraft systems.

oblique aerial imagery camera PAS 880i

High-end mapping imaging technology from above

Our aerial photography solutions and camera systems feature superior quality imaging sensors for sharp, distortion-free images and accurate geospatial data while assuring data quality from the earliest stage possible with our iX Suite Software

We bring you unparalleled aerial mission success from flight planning, to execution, to final data delivery with high image quality, reliability and productivity in mind.

Full size solutions for medium-to-large performance aircraft

PAS Pana is an aerial camera system

PAS Pana

The most productive wide-area camera solution for aerial mapping

PAS Pana is a mapping system designed to provide effective performance in country-wide area mapping. Its large swath of 48,800 pixels allows to capture country-wide areas while keeping flying lines, hence flying time at the minimum.

PAS Pana
PAS 880i is an oblique aerial solution

PAS 880

The most efficient solution for 3D city modeling

The most efficient aerial solution for wide-area mapping and 3D city modelling. PAS 880i is a large-format nadir and oblique aerial solution comprises four oblique RGB cameras of 150 MP and for nadir, a 280 MP RGB and a 150 MP NIR camera integrated into a single pod to simultaneously capture photogrammetric imagery. 

PAS 880i NIR

Compact aerial solutions for small-to-medium performance aircraft

PAS 280i aerial camera system

PAS 280i

Valuable investment for future oblique imaging needs

The PAS 280i, with over 20.000 RGB pixels across flight direction, is an effective large format aerial solution of 280 MP combined with a 150 MP NIR camera. This ensures a higher return on investment than other large-format systems. PAS 880i is based on the PAS 280i solution, enabling a seamless upgrade to a full oblique system, ensuring a future proof and effective investment and flexibility in service offering.

PAS 280i
280MP Aerial Camera System (PAS 280 MK2)

PAS 280

The most cost-effective solution for aerial mapping

With over 20,000 pixels across, and compact size and weight, the 280MP Aerial Camera System (PAS 280 MK2) provides a higher return on investment compared to any other large-format system available on the market.

PAS 280
Aerial Camera System (PAS 150)

PAS 150

The most compact solution for aerial mapping

The 150MP Aerial Camera System (PAS 150) is based on the iXM-RS150F camera. This solution comes ready to work with a fully integrated iX Controller, stabilizer mount, and IMU unit.

PAS 150
Aerial Photography UAV Phase One Suite

iX Suite

Seamless workflow,

quality assured from the earliest stage

Experience streamlined mission planning with iX Plan—initiate planning by selecting your Phase One system, automatically generating flight lines and controlling project costs. Elevate your mapping project with iX Flight Pro, ensuring precise mission execution and increased efficiency with instant images review and replan while flying. Streamline your workflow with iX Process for immediate image review and adjustments without need of pre-processing.

Is Bayer Pattern better than Pan Sharpening?

Yes! With Bayer Pattern Image Sensors, fewer cameras are needed per ground area which means that a multi-camera system can cover more area and/or provide higher resolution than a Pan Sharpening solution.

PAS Advantages

Don’t compromise on image quality when asset safety or regulations prevent you from closing the distance on your data acquisition.

Image quality

High resolution RGB

Bayer pattern sensors representing exactly what we see

Blur control technology (BCT)

Eliminates motion blur and ensures geometrical accuracy.

From replanning on air to immediate reviewing of high-resolution images right after landing.


Earliest data quality control

Ensure data quality from the start with ​iX Suite. From replanning on air to immediate reviewing of high-resolution images right after landing.

Global Support

Tailored to every need.

Fly longer with a more compact system using the same amount of fuel.


Short data handling time

Save precious time and storage importing with RAW image format IIQ (Intelligent Image Quality).

Compact and light-weight​

Fly longer with a more compact system using the same amount of fuel.

Upgrading to Phase One next-generation systems has improved our quality, timeliness, and made both our collection and processing more efficient and streamlined. The investment has been well worth the return

Logan Hancock

Vice President Imagery Solutions - Eagle Forestry Services, Inc.

The Phase One Aerial Solution provided us with a complete turnkey aerial imaging solution, compact in size, light in weight and flexible enough to use our current fleet of aircraft, to improve productivity, and bid on bigger projects.

Don Cummins

President - Air Data Solutions

The Phase One 280MP Aerial Solution gives us assurance in the data we're acquiring. There's now a certain confidence that when the system goes out into the field that we're getting good results every time, the first time.

Nathanael Litter

Associate Vice President, Atlantic

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