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High-resolution medium format and large format aerial cameras and a wide range of lenses designed for aerial photography, mapping and surveying, inspection, industrial use, and machine vision.

High-productivity metric cameras

Phase One iXM series

Phase One iXM cameras are designed for the most demanding mapping, inspection, space and security applications.
All iXM cameras are medium format cameras, based on CMOS sensor, and purpose-built for an easy integration into the most demanding camera systems.

iXM-RS280F Phase One Aerial and Industrial Camera



The iXM-RS280F industrial aerial camera provides a large format option that easily integrates with the DSM 400 gyro-stabilized mount, creating a compact and lightweight system for use in a wide range of aircraft.

Aerial and Industrial Camera: iXM-100 / iXM-50 Phase One Cameras



Uniquely designed aerial and industrial cameras for UAV-based aerial imagery, the revolutionary Phase One iXM series redefines the boundaries of technological innovation.

iXM-RS150 / iXM-RS100 Phase One Aerial and Industrial Camera


iXM-RS150F | iXM-RS100F

Phase One’s iXM-RS full frame 150MP and 100MP aerial cameras are available in RGB and Achromatic models. An ultra-high resolution, backside illuminated CMOS sensor, fast capture speed, enhanced light sensitivity, and RS leaf shutter, enable increased productivity for a wide range of aerial image acquisition projects.

iXM-RS150F | iXM-RS100F
Aerial and Industrial Camera: iXM-GS120 product images



The ideal camera for customers who need to capture aerial and industrial images of the finest details of rapidly moving objects. The Phase One iXM-GS120 camera captures the details at the highest speed possible due to its electronic global shutter.

Phase One 4-Band RGB Aerial and Industrial Camera



Combined NIR and RGB aerial imagery for applications such as crop analysis, vegetation health, and environmental contamination, as well as projects including city observation for green site monitoring, Phase One has a fully automatic 4-band solution, using two high-resolution Phase One aerial cameras.

Aerial and Industrial Camera Lenses for iXM-RS


Lenses for iXM-RS

Eight interchangeable RS Lenses are available for iXM-RS cameras. A choice of 40mm, 50mm, 70mm, 90mm, 110mm, 150mm MK II, and 180mm focal lengths are available, which are individually calibrated for infinity focus by Phase One. An RSM 300mm AF lens with adjustable focus from 10m to infinity is also available.

Lenses for IXM-RS
Lenses RSM for Aerial and Industrial Cameras


RSM lenses for iXM

Five Phase One RSM lenses, with focal lengths ranging from 35mm to 300mm AF, were designed to fit the precise pixel and sensor size of the iXM cameras. The lenses have a high-optical resolution, offering new uses for both inspection and mapping applications. The lenses’ integrated leaf shutter offers high capture speed for an array of flight conditions.

Lenses for iXM


iX Controller MK6

Acting as a central hub to Phase One Aerial Systems, the iX Controller with integrated GNSS-Intertial controls the cameras, gyro-stabilizing mount, IMU system, and runs the iX Capture and iX Flight Pro software.

iX Controller

iXM series advantages

Wide coverage

The widest possible coverage with high resolution and pixel count to capture incredible details of very large areas.

High dynamic range

The high dynamic range to capture exceptional details even in the most challenging light conditions boosting productivity.

Innovative shutter technology

The iXM family provides the most advanced shutter options on the market. The RS Shutters allow for an unbeatable shutter speed rate of 1/2500. To push the limit even further, an electronic global shutter option is also available to reach the fastest shutter speed rate on the market of 1/16.000.

Build for seamless intergration

The iXM’s compact size and low weight facilitates effortless integration. By connecting the iXM to GNSS receiver and IMU, precise geolocation of the images are ensured. Plus, taking full control of the camera settings has never been so easy with our comprehensive Software Development Kit.

The camera is fantastic. The data quality is something that I'd never really even imagined.

Gunner Goldie

UAS Account Manager – Utility - Gresco Technology Solutions

The level of detail captured by iXM during our Las Vegas shoot was astonishing. Its compact size allowed for the ability to mount directly to our drone, making it possible to capture panoramic photography at very high pixel density and complexity, otherwise unachievable using more traditional methods.

Marcus Taormina

Freelance Visual Effects Supervisor (Netflix project)

The sharpness of the un-stabilized imagery has enabled our team to provide automated asset inventory and asset health on transmission line structures. Previous solutions prior to Phase One did not have the reliability, accuracy, sharpness, and support to offer such a product to our customers.

Ryan Lynch

Flight Operations Manager - NV5 Geospatial

The Phase One iXM-RS 150MP industrial camera's wide swath allowed us to fly at higher altitudes, faster speeds and acquire larger aerial images in two-thirds of the time.

Carlo Caiaffa

Board Member - DigiSky

Phase One Aerial Cameras provide outstanding quality and reliability. The sensor's high sensitivity means our IGI UrbanMapper can be operated under poor light conditions at high aircraft speeds.

Hans Joachim Benfer

CEO - Aerowest

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