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Why Phase One Medium Format?

When it comes to photography, bigger is simply better. The unique look along with the unparalleled depth and detail are just some of what makes medium format stand out.


The look

35mm, Medium Format and Large format all have their own signature characteristics. The technical elements of medium format optics and sensor size help to create the deep emotional characteristics, which everyone can recognize. The look and feel of the resulting images set the results apart from the ordinary and creates a mood that draws you in, engrossing the viewer in rich detail and enthralling perspectives.

Depth and Detail

Medium Format technology strives for Image Quality perfection.  Providing unparalleled 16bit color depth and unmatched dynamic range are just a few of the technical advantages that will shine through in the final delivery of your images.  With the tight integration to Capture One software, the rich feel and acute accuracy of your captured image is sure to impress.
Phase One Medium Format sensor

Bigger is better

High resolution is only a small part of the advantages having a sensor 2.5 times larger than the ones found in high-end DSLRs. Phase One Medium Format delivers advantages in depth of field over more compact system as well as quality advantages when it comes to the scale of your final image output.

Lens range quality

Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics the Phase One and Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter lenses delivers some of the sharpest results of the highest quality. With better optical accuracy and performance than smaller systems, Medium Format optics paired with Medium format sensors is as close to perfect as anyone can get.

Why I made the move to Phase One

We asked a couple of our newer members of the Phase One family why they made the move to Phase One Medium Format and what their first impressions and experiences have been since. 

Emile Holba

"...the images stand out from all that clatter, it doesn’t matter if the images are reduced to 1080 pixels for an Instagram post or printed 4 meters tall."

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Kamil Tamiola

"In a few words, pristine image quality, true 16 bit color rendition and the outstanding flash control thanks to leaf shutter technology."

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Toby Phillips

"Using a Phase One Camera has definitely placed me on a different level and set me apart from my competitors..."

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