Jesper Grønnemark for Red Bull Racing

Capturing that Split Second –
A Formula 1 Car Photo Shoot

Jesper Grønnemark wasn’t taking any chances when he got the opportunity to photograph Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 car. Capturing the summit of high-performance motorsport demands the highest image quality possible so Jesper selected Phase One medium format for the job.
Reliable camera equipment was essential as there was no room for error during this fast-paced photoshoot. Jesper had to overcome unpredictable Danish summer weather and a tight schedule to capture his dynamic split second images. Watch Jesper in action below.

The day’s schedule started by shooting the Formula 1 race car on a coastal location as well as in the heart of the Danish countryside. The Red Bull Racing F1 car seen away from the race track certainly made for a stunning sight but time was short. Jesper was working alongside a film crew for this commission while the roads and surrounding areas were closed to the public. But with strict time-limits on each location there was a narrow window of opportunity to get all the shots needed. Could Jesper deliver under this pressure and shoot the decisive automotive moment? …Of course he could! Check out the images below.

The Red Bull Racing team closed down an entire harbor for the final setting of this once-in-a-lifetime shoot. With more open space than the previous locations, the driver had more scope to let rip and wheel-spin, drift and doughnut the car. Jesper certainly made the most of the opportunity to capture some incredibly dynamic shots against this distinctive industrial backdrop. Find out how Jesper achieved his unique angles and perspectives in the above video.

Photographing this amazing race car for this very special client has been such a fun adventure. I have captured some super dynamic photographs that really underline the high-speed element of racing. It's been an amazing day, I got so many good shots. I love my job.

Jesper Grønnemark

Professional photographers will all agree that they want the best results possible but don’t want their camera kit to slow them down in challenging time-pressured shoots. That’s why Jesper used a Phase One camera system that delivers intuitive operation and industry leading image quality.


During this automotive shoot, the XF IQ4 150MP camera system was utilized with the Schneider Kreuznach 35mm LS f/3.5, 80mm f/2.8 and 240mm f/4.5. IF lenses.

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