Yulia Gorbachenko

Capturing natural beauty with the Trichromatic

To test the new wifi tethering feature in the XF IQ4 Camera System we asked Phase One photographer Yulia Gorbachenko to put the camera through its paces on a real fashion and beauty shoot. Learn more about what inspired these beautiful images and how the combination of the new Infinity Platform and the Trichromatic is a dream team for fashion photography.

What got you interested in fashion/beauty photography?

“I was always an avid beauty fan. I am inspired by strong, unique, beautiful, and happy women. I’m drawn to their confidence and charisma. For me beauty is in small details and beautiful imperfections.”

What is your biggest source of inspiration when preparing for a fashion shoot

“It can be really anything: model, color pallete, architecture, landscape, movie, beauty or fashion trend. ”

What were your initial thoughts when Phase One asked you to be one of the first photographers to shoot

the Phase One XF IQ4 100MP Trichromatic Camera System?

“I felt absolutely lucky! I used the Phase One camera system before (and LOVED it) and was excited to test the new WOW product, which proved to be beyond amazing. I also enjoyed using the product naturally, as I would with my typical workflow. I was able to really see how the new features and tools would work with my process, it allowed me to really play with the camera system against some of the challenges I might normally face. ”

How did you come up with the concept for the shoot? What inspired you?

“This time I wanted to keep it simple and to show the natural beauty of the model’s face – stunning freckles and sky blue eyes. I know that the Trichromatic really excels with these details and I wanted to make sure to let the model’s features shine. ”

What are the advantages of shooting with the 100MP Trichromatic sensor for fashion/beauty photography?

“I was amazed with the image quality – that brought my work to the next level. The images suddenly felt like 3D paintings. The color doesn’t need much of post editing, it already has the required richness and saturation. I also like that I can look at an image, walk away from it, and see something different when I come back to it. I can shoot something as a full body image, but later notice a detail of the face that I love. Using a Phase One 100MP means I can crop that image to just a portrait without sacrificing any of the quality.”

What are the advantages of WIFI tethering in fashion/beauty photography?

“It gives me flexibility to move around the set without any restrictions for me and for my team. I am often quite reliant on my digital tech, but with the wifi tethering I can adapt a shoot to what inspires me in the moment, rather than being restricted by cables. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the shoot and suddenly the light strikes just right, or there is an expression that captures exactly what you’re looking for, but if I can’t get close enough or if I look away to make sure the cables aren’t in the way I might miss it. The wifi tethering allows me to be as creative as I need to be, to move freely and to not be limited by my equipment.”

If you could choose to shoot anything or anyone, anywhere and in any way,

with the new Phase One IQ4 100MP Trichromatic Camera System, what would it be?

“There are so many fascinating models, I can’t really choose one. It would definitely be a creative makeup story on a cool location with my beloved team. I have such a strong team and now, with the addition of the IQ4 100MP, I don’t have to think in limitations of my equipment. All the ideas and concepts that have been floating around my head are possible. Remember, you are only as good as your team. :)”