Andrew Ling

Finding your story with the XT Camera System: Andrew Ling in Alaska

When we created the XT Camera System, we imagined it travelling to some of the rarest and most remote destinations on Earth, at the side of adventurous photographers. So when we heard Andrew Ling was taking the XT to Alaska, we felt it was like a dream come true.

Andrew Ling is a travel photographer and creative producer based in Seattle, Washington. He likes to venture out in the wilderness and get himself in trouble, because that’s what keeps him and his creativity alive, bringing him in front of some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world. Andrew didn’t always know he’d be a photographer and adventurer. He has a degree in Marketing, and grew up thinking he would end up in managing a business. However, his love for the outdoors slowly took over, until someone from Adobe noticed the pictures he’d been taking on his trips and sent him to Patagonia to visually document climate change. That was the point of no return for Andrew. Today, he works with brands like Adidas, the North Face and Land Rover, while his most important client is still his own insatiable curiosity and thirst for new discoveries.

Early this winter, we challenged Andrew to take the XT somewhere exciting and tell the story of that trip. We didn’t expect him jump right into snowmobiles and open helicopters at -40°F in the middle of the Alaskan winter, but we’re glad he did.

This is just the beginning of Andrew’s story – look out for much more on his trip to Alaska coming up soon.