Christopher Mertz

First experience with the XF Camera System

Christopher Mertz shared his first impressions when he tried out the XF 100MP Camera System.

“For me, Phase One is the top choice if you’re looking to change your DSLR to medium format. With fantastic image quality, 16-bit files, depth of field that can’t be compared to any other camera out there, and a ton of useful time-saving features, Phase One makes the decision an easy one.”

“… This was my first time using the XF, and I was hugely surprised by the performance and overall experience of using the camera. There are so many features to play with, but a few really stood out.”

“As a Profoto user, the fact that the XF IQ3 100MP Camera System has a built-in integration with Profoto Air is a very useful and utterly cool detail. It made lighting changes during the shoot simple and fast.”

16-bit color depth

“You also get 16-bit color depth to play with, which means you can reach a whole new level of accurate color reproduction. The colors in the files are unlike any you’ve seen before. The transition from light to dark tones is natural and smooth, and all the different tones you get are simply one of a kind.”

“The result is far from anything you can get with DSLR files. And it is fantastic. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to achieving a finished result straight out of the camera.”

Phase One lenses

“Then there are the lenses. They are seriously top quality and provide top quality results. The simple fact is that there is almost no distortion or any form of chromatic aberration, no matter how close you get. The image quality of the Blue Ring series – from wide angle all the way through to the longest lens – is seriously unique.”

“The sharpness and clarity are amazing, delivering a high image quality even in places and situations where you would expect less than optimal results. My favorite is the Schneider Kreuznach 35mm f/3.5, which is perfect from edge to edge.”