How OMS Photo creates next level commercial product photography

Today we are highlighting OMS Photo and the way they use Phase One cameras in their commercial photography workflows. Their commercial photo studio is often hired to create something that will be featured globally via packaging or advertising. When OMS gets opportunities, they want to make sure they have the best equipment available. When they discovered Phase One cameras and experienced their power, they bought two. Cameras like these allow OMS Photo to turn a product, such as a single square of a chocolate bar, into the size of a billboard.

To OMS, the value comes from the process and post-production

OMS has seven full-time photographers and three digital retouchers, and everyone has areas of expertise – food, products, lifestyle, portraits, and more.

When using Phase One, we always use the uniquely-created Capture One Pro software. This allows us, as well as our clients, to quickly view the images taken on a computer screen. Despite the massive file size, the tethering between the program and camera is remarkably fast. Right away, we can get the client involved, zooming in on areas of the image, and creating a style on set. Having the ability to apply curves, effects, and more without altering the RAW lets the client get a feel for the output before handing it off to our retouching team. The buy-in created during this process helps OMS Photo deliver final images with a higher level of confidence and excitement. On the set, we even airplay (screencast) our computer screens to large HD and 4k TVs to let the whole team huddle around and share input on the process.

From there, our photographers start shooting for post-production, gathering all of the puzzle pieces together. The image sensor’s sheer level of detail allows our team to hone in on even the smallest of product features to highlight. OMS’s photographers can capture every single facet, shot after shot. That control enables our photographers to hand an enormous amount of opportunities to the in-house retouching team.

Retouching the high resolution images

OMS’s three-person team of digital retouchers works with these high resolutions images almost every day. With that kind of resolution, the process and the effort required is certainly more intensive. Every speck of dust, scratch, or blemish can be seen. This means the final photo requires more work to complete, but this creates a highly polished output with little to no imperfections even on the largest of scales. Our retouchers also appreciate the marriage of the Schnieder Kreuznach lenses and Phase One cameras, since the middle of the lens glass gives the image a fresh look. It also has enough resolution to pull back and forth without losing details.

On top of all that, the high resolution of Phase One cameras allows OMS to pursue a unique opportunity to incorporate 3D renders seamlessly into images. An OMS retoucher can zoom in 1000%+ and do their magic to make the 3D element a true part of the photo.

Check out this example made in collaboration with the creatives at LPK

The final layered file size can be significant (1gb+), but the sheer flexibility allows us to produce work that brands will place on their packaging and advertising all over the world.

What OMS uses for their Phase One shoots

And of course we have a few favorite lenses:

Experience Phase One for yourself

OMS Photo loves to share our world with others and pull back the curtain on commercial photography. Anyone interested in seeing what these cameras can do in person is always welcome to reach out to OMS Photo and ask for a tour and demo!

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