Capturing night scenes in street photography
Sails Chong

Night Street Photography

Capture the essence of the city at night.

With a history spanning more than 400 years, Yu Garden in Shanghai is much more than just a large garden. It is home to one of the national intangible cultural heritage activities – the Yu Garden Lantern Festival. The lantern festival is one of the highlights of the Spring Festival every year.

Watch the video of Phase One Ambassador Sails Chong with his XF IQ4 150MP Camera System at the lantern festival, get a few tips for shooting night street photography with medium format cameras, and explore Sails’ images in the high resolution gallery below.

Tips from Sails:

  1. Use leaf shutter lenses to reduce vibration substantially, making it possible to take handheld shots at night with a super high resolution medium format sensor.
  2. Adjust the focus peaking to suit your needs. It is quite accurate, and you don’t have to worry about de-focusing at a large aperture.
  3. For street photography, turn off the image playback so that you will not miss the next shot because the last image is still being previewed on screen.
  4. Remember that with 150MP, you don’t need a bunch of lenses or a zoom lens to get the final image you were looking for. Shoot a bit wider, and crop into the composition in post – you have plenty of resolution to play with!